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Portfolio tips and tricks!

For those of you that do have to submit a portfolio I know it can be tricky. Thankfully when I was submitting mine my sister in law was able to help me ( she went to FIT also). I know without her I would have really struggled in the process.

I’m not quite as sure to what every major requires but for interior design (at the time) I had to submit I believe around 10-20 pieces. Also they gave us a project to do to see what we were capable of doing before hand. At the time I was still in High school , my art work wasn’t the greatest but it was different. My sister-in-law ( Tara) helped me design a few things to put in it that were interior design related.Also I added my crazy art work (I’ll show you, below will be some of it). One great thing that she made me do was add a few of my sketches with a description saying what I was thinking or what I would want to do with the space in the future, or how the school would help my design.

If your doing a digital portfolio- PHOTOSHOP, PHOTOSHOP, PHOTOSHOP. This will be a life saver I promise. So if you don’t know how to use it find someone that does. Your lighting and background are critical when creating a digital piece. Lighting in any situation can cause things to look different, for example when you get your hair done it will look one color there but then when you go in the sun sometimes it looks different. So would you really want your artwork to look different to the people reviewing your portfolio? You know what it truly looks like but they don’t.

khvjhThis isn’t the exact picture from my portfolio or is it one of my pieces I used, the key to making a great portfolio is editing. Make a pile of 30 then edit down to 25 then use the remaining 20.

klOnce again this isn’t an exact picture from my portfolio but it is one of the pieces I used. Even though this picture has nothing to do with interior design, it showed that I pay great attention to little details.

Last tip I have for all of you. A lot of colleges and high schools offer a free portfolio review, usually in the spring. Someone will review it and tell you what you can improve on, it is extremely beneficial. Good Luck everyone!

XOXO, Kailee

Jaiah’s Workout Plan

Okay, okay…I get it.

It’s cold outside.

womp womp…..

But that’s no excuse to neglect your fitness.

Sir, yes sir!

Remember: We can either have results or excuses. Not both.

If the New York City wind chill factor makes you run for cover instead of to the gym, you can exercise indoors! Workout DVD’s and fitness channels on YouTube are lifesavers. All you need is a good pair of sneakers, some comfy lounge gear, and a bottle of H2o.

 I like Black Girls Work Out Too, Grade A Glutes, Superherofitnesstv, and Brukwine.

Try this workout. Thanks Bodynomics!

Let’s Go!

Repeat below for 3 sets with no break. Be sure to use good form.

20 Jumping Jacks

10 Alternating Reverse Lunges

5 Pushups

Take a two minute break.

Now cool off, cool off….

Complete below for 3 sets. Go slow and focus on form

25 Bodyweight Squats

12 Dips

15 Hip Raises

15 Reverse Crunches

I’m always looking for new ways to challenge my body.  How do you guys stay active when it’s cold outside?

Fit and Fabulous,


I’m a girl on the go.

With all the roles I play, it’s super important that I stay healthy no matter how aggressive my schedule gets.

How do I do it?


A good smoothie is packed with nutrients, helps keep you hydrated, simple to make, and great for traveling.  With  the right ingredients, smoothies do the body good.  A good smoothie can contribute to a glowing complexion, more energy, and even muscle repair after a workout. I’m not talking about a banana and a few strawberries topped with tons of sugar blended up with milk and ice.  A good smoothie is a healthy elixir of dark leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and super foods like chia seeds, goji berries, flax seeds, cacao powder, wheat grass, avocados, and/or coconut oil that maximizes your beauty inside and out.  Each week, I’ll upload a new smoothie recipe.  We’ll call it The Smoothie Magic Chronicles.

Here’s our first potion:

Green and Glowing Smoothie

Recipe by Jim Perko, C.E.C., for the Cleveland Clinic Lifestyle 180 program



1 cup cleaned spinach leaves, firm packed

1 cup cleaned kale, rough chop, firm packed

1 cup green seedless grapes

1 Bartlett pear, core, stem and seeds removed

1 orange, peeled and quartered

1 banana, peeled

1 tsp chia seeds

1⁄2 cup water

2 cups ice

Directions: Place all ingredients in blender and process on a low speed for 15 seconds, increase to medium, then high until well blended. Going green never tasted so good.



Notes On Mastering the Art of School-Life Balance

This semester, I’m engaging in 12.5 credits.

I’m a wife.


I’m expecting a baby boy in about 20 days!

     Last weekend, a few lovely ladies who think I’m special threw me a baby shower. It was a blast! We ate chicken and waffles, played games, and nibbled on cupcakes adorned with baby animals.  Guests came bearing gifts of baby swings, adorable onesies, diapers, and breastfeeding accessories.

Chicken and waffles and syrup, oh my!

Meet the parents…

Some wonder why I’m still going to class at this stage in my pregnancy. Truth is, I feel great and I have goals to accomplish!  My mother has three Master’s degrees and my father is a successful entrepreneur. Dedication is in my blood. I’d be misrepresenting the truth if I said that there aren’t times when I’d rather lounge around then deal with International Economics, but part of growing up is taking the reins and handling responsibilities.   As adults, we can either yield results or excuses. Not both. 


   And I intend to shine bright.

One of the phenomenal things about FIT is its ultra diverse student community.  We are a troop of fresh-out-of-high-school teenagers, young adults, not-so- young adults, and even senior citizens.  Some of us dorm, others commute.  Some of us are single, others are engaged or married.  Some of us have dependents, others are dependents.   One common factor between all of us is that we’ve got lots to juggle.

The 2013 Version Of Superwoman…

Here’s how to deal:

1. Prioritize

What’s more important? Studying for your art history exam or painting the town red? “Liking” pictures and posts on social media sites or laundering your clothes? Focus on what matters most and get it done. Period.

2. Plan Ahead

 Mapping out your entire semester is a really good idea. Get a planner and mark the dates of all exams and the due dates for assignments and reports.  Doing this helps to prevent that five-page paper from sneaking up  and robbing you of joy and sleep the night before it’s owed to your professor.

3. Fight Procrastination Like the Plague

‘Nuff said.

4. Stay Positive

Thoughts become things.  When detrimental thoughts attack, take shelter under the refuge of positive thinking. Intend and do your best. Always. Oprah says that you get back whatever you put out. Who can argue with Oprah? Not me!

Making It Happen,


The Evening Student’s Survival Guide

I’m an evening student. 

That means that by the time most of the working world is massaging their office feet and devouring dinner in the comfort of their homes, I’m heading to class. 



 Being an evening student allows me to:

  1. Work full time.
  2. Attend family responsibilites
  3. Intern
  4. Sleep late

All while pursuing my degree full time. 

Fabulous, right? You bet. But going to school after sundown is not without its own set of challenges.  Many students have full schedules before the clock strikes 6:30 PM and we’re still expected to be bright eyed and bushy tailed enough to pay attention, take notes, participate, and score well on quizzes and exams until dismissal three or four hours later.  Here’s what you’ll need to tackle the challenges…




     Now isn’t the time for steak and potatoes.  You’ll need something quick, compact, and energy boosting.  Some professors have a zero tolerance no food policy in class while others don’t mind if you munch.  Either way, discretion is golden as you don’t want to disturb your classmates with the rustling of potato chip bags or the not-so-fragrant scent of tuna.

     Unless you’re lactose intolerant, you can’t go wrong with yogurt.  I’ve recently discovered Chobani Flip- a myriad of Greek Yogurt flavors with delectable toppings. My favorite is Coco Loco, a coconut yogurt topped with toasted almonds and dark chocolate chunks.



An ancient Middle Eastern staple, hummus is excellent with fresh veggies, pita bread, or pretzels

     Lastly, I adore fresh fruit and fresh fruit smoothies.  As nature’s very own fast food, there’s no limit to the variety of goodness to be snacked on. Fruit can be cut into cute little bite sizes or blended into a drink.

So good…


     As most of us will have done our daily dance with Colgate hours earlier, be sure to carry a breath freshener with you.  We do tons of group work at FIT and you don’t want your ideas to go unsaid just because you’re afraid to lean in and speak up amongst your peers.

Don’t let this be you…


     It’s 2013.  By 6:30 at night, it’s likely that your cellphone/laptop/tablet battery is preparing to die from all that web surfing and texting you’ve been doing.  Many students use their laptop or tablet as a notebook in class and you’d always want to have a charged cell phone.  Save yourself the inconvenience of being without your electronic devices.  Bring your charger with you.

Stay charged…



     To the ladies who strut in heels all day, I applaud you.  Heels are sexy.  They elongate the legs, do wonders for your gait, and skyrocket your confidence.  But we all know that at the end of the day, the dogs are barking. Some of them are even howling.  When your feet hurt, there’s no way you can concentrate on anything else.  Give that pinky toe a break and whip out the flats.  You’ll be glad you did.

Your pinky toe will thank you.

     This is just a guide.  Feel free to include other things in your survival goodie bag like a bottle of water, cleansing wipes, travel deodorant, power bars, almonds, mascara, a comb or anything else that will keep you alert, your metabolism revved, and your body feeling good during your evening class.

Keep it going…

 Evening Students, what keeps your flame lit during  late night classes? Let me know in the comments below.

To Infinity And Beyond,