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You Go Girl!

This week’s Wear It Monday topic at FIT is “compliment”.

Compliment- n, a remark or action that expresses admiration or approval.

In the spirit of this week’s topic, I’d like to shine the spotlight on my fellow Admissions Blogger, Ms. Stephanie Sade Fernandez Fuentes.


This week, I had a “LinkedIn Assignment” that entailed updating my profile and examining my connections for the Self Marketing module of my internship class. Poring over my connections, I decided to click on Sade’s profile.  My draw dropped as I read her resume. An international student from the Dominican Republic, Sade has worked as a Student Blogger, a Campus Tour Guide, an Ocean and Air Traffic Intern at SPT Intercontinental, a Sales and Merchandising intern at Oscar de la Renta, a Public Relations Intern at Jenny Polanco Boutique, a Sales Associate at FIT’s Style Shop, a Reproductive Health Instructor at inner city schools, and a Volunteer at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. That might have been one of the longest run on sentences ever- but there’s more! Sade speaks not one, not two, not three, but four languages! She’s also beautiful, polite, professional, committed to fitness, and unafraid to ride down 8th Avenue on a scooter to make it to class on time.  Sade is currently studying abroad in Rome.  She’s a master at making her next move her best move and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

Girl Power,



Hands down, FIT is a great school.  FIT is everything I imagined it to be and I am so happy that I cast my insecurities aside, applied, and got in.  But don’t take it from me. Visit us! Visiting the campus for yourself gives more insight to the walls and halls of our school better than any pamphlet, website, or  word of mouth ever could.

Heres why:

1. The Info Session

Admissions offers info sessions several times a week. Here’s what happens. You’ll check in with the Admissions office, grab a packet chock-full of literature about FIT, and then be directed either to the Haft Auditorium or the Katie Murphy amphitheatre. There, you’ll watch a short video about our school from the viewpoints of our students and faculty. Then, you’ll learn about our majors, tuition, housing, and how and when to apply.  The info sessions are about 45 minutes long.  Afterward, you can politely pick the brain of one of our Admissions counselors with all your burning questions. And then….

2. Take A Campus Tour!

After the info session, you can take a student led tour around the campus.  Student tour guides will happily answer your questions and share their experiences with you.  When I was a student tour guide, I really enjoyed helping prospective students and their parents solidify their decisions to move forward with our application process.  You’ll visit classrooms and labs, student lounges, the fitness center, our dining hall, our campus Starbucks, a residence hall, the library, and if you’d like, you can…

3. Visit the Museum at FIT!

At FIT, we have a museum on campus complete with breathtaking exhibits, dim lighting, and security guards!  The current exhibits are Elegance in an Age of Crisis: Fashion of the 1930’s and Trend-ology. Our new exhibit Beyond Rebellion: Fashioning the Biker Jacket starts March 4th.

Don’t miss it!


Spike Lee Is Coming To FIT!

Ah, the perks of attending the Fashion Institute of Technology…

In honor of Black History month, the Student Association’s Manager of Films and the Black Student Union have invited legendary director Spike Lee on campus.   Mr. Lee is an Aries from Atlanta with over 35 films under his belt.  He is a graduate of Morehouse College and New York University.  Today, he lives in Manhattan while maintaining an office in Brooklyn.  He can often be found seated court side dressed in orange and blue at any given Knicks game.

Next Monday, FIT will be showing his legendary flick “Do The Right Thing”, The viewing will take place on the film’s 25th anniversary.  Afterward, Spike Lee will take questions from the audience.

Photo: Want to meet Spike Lee and see his movie "Do the Right Thing"?

When: Monday 2/10
Where: Haft Auditorium 
Time: 6pm -10pm

Use your FIT EMAIL to register for a FREE TICKET HERE:

This special evening was planned in honor of Black History month, and is a collaboration between the FIT Student Association's Manager of Films and FIT's BSU (Black Student Union).

This viewing of Do-The-Right-Thing by Director Spike Lee is taking place on the film's 25th anniversary. As part of this feature the FIT Student Association is proud to present Director Spike Lee as a guest speaker following the showing of the movie. 

This will be a great opportunity to hear first hand what motivations were behind the making of this iconic movie. Moreover, being able to get your questions answered by the director himself. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Manager of Films Monike Bartley-Williams at monike_bartleywillia at

Can’t Wait,


It’s That Time Again…

kittygoes back to school     The Spring 2014 semester at FIT begins in less than 48 hours!   Class begins on Monday, January 27th.  These next 15 weeks are the finale of my undergraduate college career and I am super excited about finishing up strong.

Last semester, I managed to work 30+ hours a week


Attend school full-time

doing it

 Give birth to a baby boy


And reel in a cool 3.6 GPA.


Getting it all done took lots of mental muscle and discipline- I even had my doctor quiz me on Spanish during a check up the day before I went into labor– but I am so pleased with the results!  This semester, I have four classes and an internship to complete, a household to run, a baby to raise, and a sparkly victory dress to hunt for graduation. BRING IT!!!

    If you are applying for the Fall semester and priority consideration sounds good to you, all supplemental materials must be received by Admissions before February 1st.   According to our website, these  requirements can include your academic documents, the Academic History and Essay form, and, for design applicants, a portfolio.  Additionally, all applicants whose first language is not English must provide an official TOEFL or IELTS score; this includes applicants who have been living in the United States.  Allow sufficient time to complete all admissions requirements.  In other words, drop procrastination like it’s hot and get it done. You have five days left!

Ready, Set, Go….,



Choosing Your Major- Where Creativity Gets Down To Business

     One of the most amazing aspects of being an FIT student is that we begin our major related courses right away. FIT is for the self assured scholar looking to cultivate creative seeds that have already been planted.  There are no “liberal arts majors” here. Looking to grab a seat in one of our Fashion Design or Illustration classrooms? You’ll have to prove that you have basic art and design skills first by submitting a portfolio. Ready to master the sciences of Entrepreneurship or Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing? You’ll have to convince the Admissions team that you’re qualified for the challenge with an eye opening personal essay. Once accepted, you’ll be introduced to the intricacies of your major. Lectures, group projects, field trips, you name it.  An FIT syllabus can be as grueling as it is glamorous so it’s important that you enjoy what you’re studying.

As such, choosing a major is a huge decision.  When contemplating your field of study, ask yourself:

  • What is your passion?
  • What are your skills?
  • What are your interests?
  • What type of work do you enjoy?
  • Do you have any hobbies that you would like to pursue as a career?
  • What are your career goals?

This chart (copied and pasted from FIT’s website) shows which FIT majors are best suited for your passions. Check it out:

Personal Interest Business Majors Fashion Majors Visual Arts and Design Majors
Buying and Selling
Color Coordinating
Computer Graphics
Drawing and Sketching
Event Planning
Hats and Handbags
Model Making
Personal Expression
Money and Finance
Script Writing
Video Production

At heart, I am a writer. I also enjoy public speaking and strategizing.  Reviewing FIT’s course catalog helped solidify my decision to apply as an Advertising and Marketing Communications major.  When I saw course options like Magazine Journalism, Publicity Workshop, Audience and Media, and workshops for TV/Radio Copywriting, to put it simply, things just clicked. Undoubtedly, if a schoolhouse could be one’s soul mate, FIT would be mine.  I feel so lucky to be surrounded by like minded go getters. JAY Z said it best: “I’m definitely in my zone”. Get in yours!

Good Luck,