Study Abroad – Hong Kong Disneyland!

Hi everyone!

This week is the last week of classes at PolyU for the spring semester!  After 13 weeks of regular classes, we get a week off for Easter break and then exams start.  As everything winds to a close, we’ve been trying to squeeze out every bit of fun we can.

One exciting feature Hong Kong has is its own Disneyland.  While it is significantly smaller than its American siblings, the park is of course beautiful and easy to access via the MTR.  It also costs less than other Disney experiences!  We went on a Wednesday and the ride lines were quick.

Outside of “It’s a Small World” ride

Some standbys, like “It’s a Small World” were familiar, but others had a twist!  It is actually illegal to depict ghosts and spirits in China, so the haunted mansion goes by “Mystic Manor.”  I was surprised by how well timed and designed the ride was!

Mystic Manor

Overall, we had loads of fun and it was a cute and nostalgic reminder of home. Main Street USA was adorable, and it was fun to see the Hong Kong details throughout the park.

My FIT friend Stacey enjoying the Tea Cups ride!

All in all, I would recommend HK Disneyland, especially if you want an easy park to enjoy for a day!



Day Trip to Macau!

Hi everyone!

This past weekend we took a day trip to Macau, and it was a blast!  Known as the Asian Las Vegas, Macau has a fascinating mix of massive casinos and attractions as well as traditional Portuguese architecture and history.  With the new bridge that just opened in November 2018, China, Hong Kong and Macau are now all linked, giving you the chance to take a bus all the way there from the Hong Kong airport.  For $20USD round trip we were able to experience most of what Macau has to offer- beautiful buildings, glitzy casinos and the best egg tarts I’ve ever had!

Here are some highlights:

After first arriving, we took a tram up to Guia Lighthouse, a fortress constructed in the 1600s.  The view was great and the tram was fun- and super cheap.

The View from Guia Hill

Next we strolled from the fort through the streets, which looked like Europe to me!  You can definitely see the Portuguese influence throughout.

Ruins of St Paul’s Church

The Streets of Macau

After lunch, we took a bus over to the southern area of the country- where all the big and fancy casinos are!  However there is more to do than gamble- gondola rides, shopping and good eats abound.  We got egg tarts at the famous Lord Stow’s Bakery- so good we didn’t get photos before eating them all.

Gondola Rides in the Venetian Macau Casino

The Parisian Macau’s Eiffel Tower

Overall the trip was a ton of fun, and well worth the multiple buses we had to take to go!  I would definitely recommend giving Macau a visit, even if you don’t want to gamble- the sights and attractions are well worth the trip!




AAS Exhibition In Florence (Continued)


Last week I was kept quite busy finishing up for the AAS Final Exhibition in Florence. On my last post I explained the theme and how we gathered all of our inspiration. From the museum we chose two objects/spaces of the museum that would inspire us for our collections. Since then we have had a few important deadlines along the way! The latest was last Friday, both of our garments were due and needed to be ready for our guest judges coming in to view them throughout the weekend. These judges included some of our professors, museum coordinators, and a very special critic, Mr. Mirko Bottai, textile designer for Pucci.

In total we completed two illustration projects and two final garments! All which are now part of my portfolio.

Both of our illustration projects include the following elements:

  • Introduction Page
  • Moodboard
  • A Series of Concept Pages
  • Makeup & Beauty Pages
  • Accessories Page
  • Fabric Swatches
  • Collection Overview
  • Illustrated Models
  • Flat Sketches of Designs
  • Tech Pack for Garment Constructed
Project Example for AAS Stibbert Exhibition

Project Example for AAS Stibbert Exhibition

(Click on Image for better view)

Along the way we had meetings with Mr. Bottai and our professors to make sure we were making all the right decisions and staying on track between our inspiration and execution of them.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to sit down with an industry professional to discuss the projects and listen to their suggestions to enhance my skills.

I will say it was not easy, but definitely eye-opening. To have a glance on the different jobs there is in the fashion industry, and most importantly of the main role a designer plays when it comes to creation and production of a collection.

Next week we have a celebratory ceremony, where we showcase our work in the museum. Open for parents visiting, plus other classmates and professors.



Thinking About the End of Study Abroad

Hi Everyone!

my FIT friends and I in Hong Kong!

Something I have been thinking about a lot recently is the end of my study abroad experience.  While I still have a month and a half to go, I’m starting to feel the reality of the fact I will have to leave the places I’ve grown accustom to and the people I’ve gotten close to.  It is incredibly difficult to end any good experience, but all good things must come to a close.

I feel like I am finally understanding the classes and the people I take them with, and have made a few class friends.  It’s hard because it takes a long time to truly feel comfortable somewhere, and I am sad that right around the time I feel secure is right around when I need to think of leaving.  It’s the same when you work an internship and finally understand the office culture right before the end.

I have lots to look forwards to this summer, including plans with friends and a great internship.  I’m glad I can get excited for these things, even though I feel nostalgic for the time here already. While keeping in touch is something I have always struggled with, I think this experience will force me to do it because I do not want to lose touch with the people I have met here.

Overall, it will be time to go soon and I will get to see my family and home friends and I cannot wait.  But it will be really hard to say goodbye to the people, places and memories made here.



How I Made My Summer ’19 Decision

Recently, I went through a very difficult decision process to sort out my summer plans. For context, I am a junior soon to be heading into my senior year, and I am originally from Washington state. I have been working as a production intern at Tory Burch since the Fall semester and was offered an opportunity to stay with them as a product development intern over the summer. I have yet to stay in NY over the summer, and I always miss home this time of year since I’ve been away for so long. There were many things to consider when debating to accept this offer from Tory Burch. I wouldn’t be able to see my friends and family from back home over the entire summer, I wouldn’t be back in the PNW during one of my favorite seasons, and I wouldn’t be saving money from not paying rent. It is also my last summer as a student and I wanted to be very careful with how I used this fleeting freedom. On the other hand, if I stayed with Tory Burch, I would be building my resume and developing more skills and experience to further my career and eventually achieve my long term goal; I eventually want to move back to the West coast and work for iconic outdoor apparel and lifestyle brands, with one of my top picks located in Seattle, WA. If I stayed in NY over the summer, I would be helping my future job search when applying for positions back home, but was this worth not seeing my friends and family? In the end, I chose to take the internship with Tory Burch with hopes that working towards my long term goal would be best for me. There was really no right or wrong decision in this situation for me because I could see myself being both thankful and regretful at the same time for making either decision. Sometimes, you just have to push aside your critical analysis and just make a decision when one is needed. It made me realize that I’m at a point in my life where my choices are going to have direct consequences on aspects of my life, and that real planning needs to be put in place if I don’t want to lose control of my life. One thing I did to sort out my decision was I put together a 5 year and a 10 year life plan for myself, mapping out different aspects of my life, including career, health, and relational. These things are important to think about and develop an understanding of what you want. It’s never too early to start planning.