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First Week in Hong Kong

Hi everyone!

It’s my first week in Hong Kong!

The jet lag has been pretty difficult (13 hours is a big difference!) but everyone has been very nice and I am excited to be spending the next 4 months here. Hong Kong reminds me a lot of New York City, and also Los Angeles. There are lots of cool shops and tasty places to eat.

PolyU has a beautiful (and convenient) campus, and meeting other exchange students from around the world is very fun. I’m excited to start classes next week, and see how they compare and differ from those at FIT.

While I am excited for all to come, I’m definitely tired! It is a lot of adjustment coming to not only a new country but a new school. PolyU uses Blackboard like FIT, but their methods of checking out classrooms to work in and other policies and procedures are different. I feel like a freshman all over again!

Overall I am more excited than ever to explore, learn and meet new people. The first week of any new endeavor is always challenging, but what I have seen so far makes me even more excited for what is to come.

Looking forwards to share more,

My Favorite Free Student Resources

Hi everyone,
Being a student at FIT means being creative- in more ways than one!  In order to get the most out of my time at FIT, I have found some unconventional ways to study and boost my productivity so I can best use my time.  Here are my favorite (free!) student resources to give you a leg up while not lifting a finger.
Business of Fashion Student Account
Thanks to TopShop, students can receive free access to Business of Fashion’s extensive library of articles related to all things apparel and beauty industry.  BoF sends a daily digest email so you can skim the headlines, or download the app to read on the go- articles download offline daily so you can read on the train.  Learn more about signing up here.
Chrome Extensions
If you regularly use Chrome for your web browser, check out some of the extensions available in the web store– many are free!  I use several to help me study Japanese while I’m working (or not working) on other tasks.  My favorites are Characterizer, which changes the first letter of a word to the Kanji character with the same meaning as the word, and Mainichi, which translates kanji characters I hover my mouse over.
I’ve already written about some of my favorite educational podcasts- read that blog post here if you missed it!
Audio Books
By now many people have heard of Audible, Amazon’s audio book service, but did you know that most public libraries have ways to check out audio books from your phone?  My library uses Overdrive, and I download audiobooks to listen to while I commute, run errands or clean my apartments.  Click here to see what NYPL offers through overdrive.  Check to see what digital resources your library has to offer by looking at their website!
These are just a few ways I like to multitask- have any of your own suggestions?  I’d love to hear them!

Second Internship: Tory Burch

Hi there everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and that’s largely due to my busy schedule with the upper division and my new internship! This year I am interning at Tory Burch in the production department for handbags and accessories. I have absolutely fallen in love with working at Tory Burch and I’m so thankful that I’ll be staying with them over the Winter and this coming Spring.

Working at Tory Burch has been my first experience in a large corporate environment. I sit and work directly with my department and do not do any crossover work for other departments, unlike my experience at my first internship with Tanya Taylor. Because of this, I have been able to hone in on my job function and learn details about the business process that I don’t believe I would have learned at a small company. That’s the benefit of working in a large corporate environment. There are a lot more rules and regulations facilitating the work that you do and who you communicate with. If you like structure and a sense of predictability, then large companies might be a better fit for you.

In my experience working with a small company, there was a lot less regulation behind communication and a lot of departmental crossover work. At Tanya Taylor, on several occasions I did work for departments such as product development, tech. D esign, design, and production. If you think you would perform better in a less strict environment with a larger degree of intellectual and artistic freedom, then working for a small company might be a good fit for you.

I find myself loving work at Tory Burch largely in part of the people I get to work with, but there is more to it than just that. Every day I go into the office, I sit down at my desk and know that there is work waiting for me. I have consistent work that I know is making a direct impact on the company. I have even been given a line that I will be overseeing the production process from start to finish. I feel like an opportunity like this could only happen at a large company where they have enough support to be able to trust something like this to an intern. I have also been able to take the initiative and help Tory Burch in my own way. I have created several documents for my department to help make the workflow more easily understandable and efficient. Things like this can help you earn recognition, and builds emotional investment with the company, which makes working there all the more enjoyable.

I highly recommend trying to intern at several companies with large differences like this so that you can learn what types of environment you like. An important goal that you should be working towards at college is trying to find the right job fit.


My Summer at GUESS?

Hi everyone!

My name is Sam!  This is my first post, and I look forward to sharing my student life.  I’m a third-year Production Management student, and enjoy FIT because of the classes we take and the opportunities we have outside the classroom.  I hope you will get a window into my experiences as an FIT student through my blog posts.  Here’s one part of my college life:
This past summer, I interned for GUESS? at their world headquarters in Los Angeles.  Not only was it a fun work environment where everyone was incredibly welcoming and generous with their time and resources, but their internship program was pretty sweet too!  The program ran for 10 consecutive weeks with about 35 interns in all different departments.
Since we worked full time, we definitely got a taste of what it would be like as regular employees.  Additionally, the HR and Training department went out of their way to set up fun events for us, including a mixer at the start where we played icebreaker games, a charity bake sale, and my personal favorite, Denim Day!
GUESS? is know for their iconic denim marketing, and the process behind each pair of jeans is surprisingly involved.  While GUESS? has its own “laundry” (where denim is developed on site), we were bussed to a bigger facility in LA.  In order to give everyone the taste of the development process, we all received unwashed denim “blanks” that we hand-sanded, distressed, cut and then had washed to our desired shade.  I was lucky enough to intern for the denim development department, and got to spend a lot of time with the laundry technician in the onsite facility.  When we had the event, it was so much fun to share what my internship was like, especially with the finance and legal interns who were new to the fashion industry.
Overall my time in LA this past summer was a blast, and I am so thankful that FIT’s good reputation enabled me to pursue an internship on the other side of the country!
I look forwards to sharing more of my FIT experience with you all through the blog, and if you have any question about Production Management and what we learn about, please send me an email at [email protected].  I’d love to speak more about the program!

An End and A Beginning

For One Last Time… Hey Everyone,

Two days ago, I officially graduated from FIT. The ceremony could not have taken place on a more perfect day. Now that I have finished college and can look back on my four years, I want to share a few of the most valuable takeaways I have from attending FIT.

Your Hard Work Will Be Rewarding: One of the most important things I built at FIT was my work ethic. With every project I had, I set aside time in order to put 100% of my heart into my work. My work ethic grew stronger and more secure as the years went on. By putting hard work into everything I did, I came out of school with an internship I learned from, a GPA I am proud of, and a portfolio I am excited to work with.

It Is Okay To Make Time For Yourself: Do not forget to make time to relax and enjoy all Manhattan has to offer. There is nothing wrong with slowing down and taking a break from the hours of hard work. Sometimes, breaks from projects give more room for ideas and brainstorming.

Failure Is NOT a Bad Thing: Not every project or assignment is going to go as planned. Now is the time to take chances and make mistakes. It is the time to try new things and learn how to make something better for the next time around. Do not let failure discourage you, but rather inspire you!

Always Be True to Your Passions and Aspirations…and Most Importantly, Yourself: Never lose sight of why you are here or your passions. Be yourself unapologetically and take the time to come into who you really are. Now is the time to learn, grow, and blossom into the truest version of yourself.

It has been an incredible journey here at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I have learned so much and grown immensely; this chapter will always hold a special place in my heart, and I look forward to the next chapter ahead. Best of luck to all you soon-to-be graduates!

Thanks For Reading,
Annmarie X