Working While in School

Hi all,

Today marks 1 month of working my full time job! I’ve enjoyed my time so far, and am optimistic about growth and learning in the future. While I am working full time, I still have a few remaining classes at FIT. It has been interesting balancing a full time position with two classes, but thankfully the workload of both has been manageable. Although it can be tough going to school after a full day of work, meeting up with classmates to have dinner before has made it much more bearable. I think as the semester goes by however I’ll hit some snags – so far I haven’t needed to stay late at work or wanted extra time in the labs at school. There will definitely be some adjustments when that comes along.

I’ve had a lot of returning-education students ask if you can work full time while attending FIT for Production Management. Honestly, the only reason I am able to this semester is the fact that I only have 2 classes remaining. Up until now, I’ve needed at least one weekday on campus to accommodate all the classes. Production Management is a very hands on major, and taking online classes is not an option for the core curriculum and related area classes. Typically there is a night class option, so technically you could go after a day of work, but it can be hard to align your schedule so all 4 or 5 classes you need to take are spaced out just so. In other semesters, I could be a full time student and work 30-35 hours a week, but typically I would have a shift or two on the weekend, or a jam packed schedule. If you commit to it, you can do it, but I definitely struggled at times!

Working a lot of hours while also going to school is possible, but not easy!