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Ashley is a photography major at FIT, born and raised in the Detroit, Michigan area. Besides photography, she enjoys exercising, trying new restaurants, and exploring the city. Some of her guilty pleasures include watching The Ellen Show and hours of YouTube videos. She looks forward to providing insight on all things FIT!

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Ayanna is a creator hailing from Atlanta. She studied fashion merchandising and represented our commuter student population. As a queer woman of color from the South, her experience in the city and in fashion is a unique one. Aya believes in effecting change by making people of color more prominent in the fashion industry and improving the lives of millions who are exploited in the industry. She loves traveling, her tea maker, and avocados.

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Brendan was an Advertising and Marketing Communications student from Saratoga Springs, New York. Brendan always dreamed of attending the Fashion Institute of Technology and living in New York City.

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Emily graduated with her Associate’s degree in Fashion Design last May. Now she is getting her Bachelor’s in Fabric Styling with minors in Art History and Fashion Studies. She is a member of the Presidential Scholars and strives to get the most out of her time in New York City. Emily has completed a variety of internships in many different fields of the fashion industry, but she really just loves some time on the tennis court. Her favorite place in all of New York City is the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Jaiah is a wife, writer, visionary, and mother-to be living in New York City. She loves fluffy Pomeranians, recreating Rachel Ray recipes, and checking off dreams that have come true from her Vision Board. Jaiah has always been excited about communications and has been actively involved with writing and broadcasting since the commencement of her college career. In her spare time, she enjoys hosting dinner parties, planning her future, working out, learning new things, and laughing with her husband. Astrologically, Jaiah is a Pisces Earth Snake with Scorpio Rising and a Gemini Moon. Her Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality is ENFJ. She believes in dramatic eyelash volume, true love, visualization, international travel, foot massages, animal rights, and the power of good food.

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Kailee is an ITM student who received her AAS in interior design. She is a commuter student from New Jersey who is always working. If you ever see her without pearls or diamonds on, something is seriously wrong. Some would describe Kailee as a fun-loving, quirky person who never stops smiling. Kailee loves getting to know new people, so she looks forward to hearing from you!

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From the vast suburbs of Southern California, Mariano is an Advertising and Marketing Communications student aiming to make a career as a fashion journalist. Along with writing, Mariano loves to dance and enjoys music of all genres. He truly is an outgoing individual and is always willing to be of service for those who have questions. Mariano looks forward to sharing his experiences not only at FIT, but of the concrete jungle known as New York City!

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Maria Barros

Maria is a fashion design student at FIT. Born and raised in Colombia, she is now taking part of FIT’s study abroad program in Florence, Italy. She loves travelling and especially enjoys all the food she discovers everywhere she goes! Maria thinks that the best thing anyone can carry with them is their smile. She’s always willing to help others and also learn new things from them. She looks forward to sharing all her experiences abroad!

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A 20-year-old second-year student, born and raised in Ocean County, New Jersey, Melinda is a suburban girl with a city soul. She is currently in the AAS Advertising and Marketing Communications program with a minor in Communication Studies. After graduation, she will begin her long-awaited journey in the Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing BS program with a double-minor in Economics. Her Cuban and Puerto Rican roots have given her an international perspective as an aspiring entrepreneur in the beauty industry, focused on marketing and product development. She is known for her giant handbag, passion for beauty, and always encouraging others to love themselves for who they truly are. Melinda is very excited to share her experiences and hear from all of you!

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Sadé is a 22-year-old international student from the beautiful Dominican Republic. She has lived in Santo Domingo, Belgium, New York, and will spend next semester in Rome. Sadé is fluent in English (obviously), Spanish (claro que si), French (mais oui), and is learning Italian (un po’). Sadé is a student tour guide who loves to travel, read, and play soccer. Her favorite place is the beach, her favorite color is orange, and her fave food is Sushi. Sadé believes the power to change lies in the individual and one person can inspire a whole movement and change the world. You will find her doing all sorts of free things around the city and enjoying every event at FIT. She plans to share every unique experience here on the blog and says life is what you make of it!

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Zorya is a 20-year-old graduating Production Management AAS student from Switzerland who will being studying Advertisement Marketing and Communication. She enjoys writing and has her own beauty and lifestyle blog. After she graduates from FIT she plans on working in publishing. She loves photography, reading, and exploring the Big Apple (usually on foot). Zorya is an avid traveller and loves to tell others about her adventures, hoping to inspire them as well. She is really excited to be part of the Admissions blog and cannot wait to share her experiences and help other fellow international students.

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