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FIT’s First Youth Delegate to the United Nations

Gabriella Manduca, FIT’s first student delegate to the United Nations, is well on her way to make a difference in the world.

Manduca, a seventh-semester International Trade and Marketing student, became a youth delegate this fall through one such NGO partner, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, the world’s largest nonprofit dedicated to international education and cultural exchange. As one of two NAFSA youth delegates, she attends the U.N. briefings and summarizes them for the association’s blog. She also encourages other students, including her FIT classmates, to engage with the U.N.

The U.N. Department of Public Information partners with more than 1,300 nongovernmental organizations, which meet for weekly briefings at U.N. headquarters in New York City. These NGOs send delegates to report on the briefings, which cover hot-button issues such as education, poverty, and the refugee crisis.

Manduca is passionate about fighting the sale of counterfeit goods, which is connected to organized crime and human-rights abuses. A 2014–15 Museum at FIT exhibition, Faking It: Originals, Copies, and Counterfeits, made her aware of this global problem, and her ITM classes galvanized her further. She applied to be a NAFSA delegate to broaden her understanding of the global stage.

“A lot of people making sustainable innovations don’t realize they can make a difference on the scale of the U.N.,” Manduca said. “I thought this could be an opportunity to start that conversation here at FIT.”

Congratulations to our fellow Tiger, Gabriella!

Melinda Batista

FIT Awarded Environmental Excellence Award 2016

Environmental Excellence Awards Union College

FIT’s Karen Pearson, Suzanne McGillicuddy, and William Rossi are congratulated by DEC’s chief of staff Peter Walker

FIT has been awarded one of eight 2016 Environmental Excellence Awards by New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).  The awards were announced during a ceremony on Tuesday, November 15, at Union College in Schenectady, NY.

The Environmental Excellence Awards are given annually in recognition of outstanding, innovative, and sustainable projects or programs and unique partnerships that are contributing to a healthier environment and economy and serving as models of excellence. Since 2004, DEC’s Environmental Excellence Awards have honored 72 businesses, schools, municipalities, governments, and organizations achieving outstanding environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and economic viability.

FIT was recognized for sustainability initiatives throughout the college, including its:

  • Green Roof System – 17,000 square feet installed, diverting an estimated 300,000 gallons of runoff from the sewer system each year
  • Carbon dioxide emissions reduction of 43 percent, plus a commitment to reduce FIT’s total carbon dioxide emissions by a full 50 percent by 2020 from the 2005 baseline, in support of the United Nations Climate Negotiations
  • Winning the 2016 Biodesign Challenge, a competition in which teams of students from nine leading U.S. colleges and universities created projects that envision future applications of biotechnology
  • Minor in Ethics and Sustainability
  • Annual Sustainable Business and Design Conference
  • Annual Sustainability Awareness Week
  • Summer Sustainability Institute
  • Campus-wide recycling
  • Water bottle refilling stations
  • Student-led:
    • Rooftop Natural Dye Garden – established and maintained to promote sustainable and eco-friendly dyeing practices
    • Cotton Muslin Composting – an initiative in which FIT’s cotton muslin is composted and transformed into nutrient-rich material for the dye garden
    • FIT Hives – an initiative to establish a beehive at FIT in order to foster education across many disciplines and majors about bees and their role in the environment

“This honor recognizes the myriad steps, large and small, that FIT has taken to become an example of environmental stewardship in action,” said Dr. Joyce F. Brown, president of FIT. “FIT’s success in sustainability is due to the work of many people from all corners of the campus who are continually creating unique and industry-specific ways to conserve, reuse, recycle, and innovate.”

Way to go green, FIT!

Melinda Batista

Here Come Finals/Projects!


I don’t know about you, but my finals have already started creeping up on me. For some reason this semester I’ve had the most projects I’ve ever had. Literally in every class I have a project due (I’m taking 7 and I have 5 projects due). On top of projects, we also have final exams, just thinking about it makes my head want to explode. If you should know anything about me is that I’m not a procrastinator, and start everything in advance. I just cannot stand pushing things from week to week, it messes with my brain and starts giving me anxiety, and the only thing I can think of is what I haven’t done yet. Below are tips and tricks on how I survive finals:

Write Study Guides! I’m someone who’s very visual, I always need to write down all my assignments and what is due when. Once I’ve written down everything, I tape the piece of paper in front of my desk so that everyday I see what is due, and don’t fall behind. There’s also so satisfying about checking  off work. I just love seeing how my assignments diminish day by day:)

Start Early! I like starting early with my projects, because I like to show them to my teachers and ask them about my progress and what I can do better. It also shows the teacher that you are committed and want to do good in the class. The worst thing for me is finishing a project and it not being what the teacher wanted.

Be in Charge! If I had to choose between individual and group projects, I would always work individually. I don’t like being dependent on others, which makes me really frustrated when group members don’t work on the project. If you feel that way to start being in charge! I was always afraid of being in charge, because I didn’t want to make mistakes or be judged, but trust me every group needs a leader! And why not let it be you, who are the most invested. If you show your enthusiasm, it will encourage the group to follow (anyways that’s how it went in my group) and the teacher sees it.

Don’t study at home! I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I cannot study at home or in my room. I need to go out or study at school. There’s something about being at home, that makes me lazy. Where I’m the most proactive is when I go to a coffee shop (with wifi), order a coffee and work till I drop (lol). There’s something about being in a different environment that keeps me focused.

Study in the morning! No one can study all day without having a headache. I found out that I’m the most productive in the morning/afternoon, so that’s why I always wake up early on the weekends, go to the coffee shop, study until about 3-4pm and after 4pm, is when I dedicate that time to catch up on my netflix shows etc. If you’re someone that works best in the evening, just reverse the routine, and have your break in the morning and study in the afternoon/evening.

Good luck with finals!




New York Eats & Treats

It’s no secret that New York City is home to some of the best food and restaurants in the nation. Here are some of my favorite spots and a few that are on my bucket list for this year:

  • Who: Treat House
  • From vegan rice krispie treats to M&M, Cookies & Cream, S’Mores and many more, the options are endless!
  • Where: Upper East (81st & 2nd Ave) & Upper West (81st & Amsterdam)
  • What: Gourmet Rice Krispie Treats
  • Who: ReViver
  • What: Healthy and nutrient dense food
  • Where: Columbus Circle (55th & 8th) & Flatiron (23rd & Park Ave)
  • A newly opened location right in FIT’s backyard is dishing up healthy fuel with a nutrient score.
  • Who: City Cakes
  • What: Half pound cookies
  • Where: 18th St & 8th Ave
  • Half pound cookies perfect for splitting with friends…do I need to say more?
  • Who: Pokeworks
  • What: Poke!
  • Where: 37th St & 6th Ave
  • The notoriously famous Poke that is filling up everyone’s Instagram feeds.  Create your own bowl, burrito, or salad!

  • Who: Holey Cream
  • What: Donut ice cream sandwich
  • Where: 52nd St & 9th Ave
  • Customize your donut and ice filling to create a heavenly donut ice cream sandwich!

I hope you enjoy!



A Guide to Finding the Perfect Roommate

We all wondered if roommate horror stories are true, and the reality is, they can be! Here are a few tips to get all of you prospective students prepared for selecting a roommate…

1. New/entering students are able to choose from our three residence halls on 27th street: Alumni, Coed, and Nagler. Research the halls, and figure out which one best fits your preferences.

2. Selecting roommate(s) increases the chances of choosing your preferred accommodation. It is to your advantage to have the roommate with the earliest selection date/time choose a room type. So don’t be afraid to reach out on Facebook after you are confirmed for housing!

3. Once a room type is selected, all mutually selected roommates will automatically be assigned. Students eligible for room selection can use Advanced Roommate Search to find other students seeking roommates. Use of this feature is strongly encouraged as there is an advantage to selecting roommate(s). If you do not choose a roommate, one will randomly be assigned.

4. Be sure to completely fill out your MyHousing assessment that will gather information about your living preferences to help find a right match for you.

5. Don’t be afraid to get social – we all have have had to get used to new surroundings, don’t let your shyness get in the way of making connection with people during your roommate search! FIT