Hi guys!

Back in January, I was able to do a short study abroad trip to Amsterdam! The trip was originally a textile development students however, it was also open to production students. It was in partnership with the Jean School in Amsterdam. The students at the Jean school spent a week here in New York City with us at FIT learning from our textile professors. After the week finished we all went back with them to Amsterdam.

While in NYC we visited Gerber innovations and got to dye our very own bags! However, I had the most fun in Amsterdam. We were learned all things denim, from laser painting to washes to machinery, we even visited PVH HQ. At PVH we met with Jean school alum that worked specifically for Tommy Hilfiger Denim! He showed us all the new innovative technology in denim manufacturing that they use to be more sustainable as well as their store of the future that was super high tech. It had smart mirrors that would show you how an item would look on you without even needing to try it on. There was also a scanner where you would scan a piece of clothing and it would show you outfits you could make with them! Back at the Jean school, we learned about lasering and even laser painted photos on pieces of denim( I laser printed a picture of my dog!) and even made my own pair of jeans! I was pretty nervous as I did not have much sewing experience. However, the teachers and students of the Jean school were super nice and helpful. We finished our jeans in only 2 days! It was a little hard but in the end, it was so worth it and I love the jean I made.

It was an amazing experience one that I hope many more get to have! Would you guys like to go on this trip?