Production Management Semester 4 Review

Alright everyone, now this is a pretty big deal. When you finish your 4th semester, you will be graduating with your AAS. This went by extremely fast for me and shows just how much you have to pay attention and savor the moment, because time really does fly by.

MG 252 – Product Data Management

This class is focuses on identifying all the different types of information in a business environment, where this information comes from, and where it then is directed. Students familiarize themselves with key business documents such as NDAs, project workflows, and 26 other documents, and create samples for their personal use. Final project is breaking down all the data for a sample product and presenting this information.

IC 297 – AAS Internship C: Career Exploration

This course is taken at the same time that you are placed in your Spring credited internship. The main goal of this course is to help students identify their desired career path and to start working towards it through their current internship. Students share personal experiences with their internships to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the opportunities in the industry.

EN 321 – Strategies of Business Communication

Students learn proper business communication etiquette and use this to create job search documents, reports, memos, and customer service documents.

MA 213 – Quantitative Methods

This is a required math class that is fairly basic. Linear algebra is the main focus of this class, with some focus on interest, used to calculate things such as loans. Students create a report using this interest math to calculate what their financial situations would be if they took out loans.

Intern Series: Being the Best Intern Ever

Hi everyone!

Being a student at FIT has enabled me to work a variety of internships, which has truly enriched my understanding of the topics we cover in our classes. While internship are billed as a way for you to learn, they do not teach you in the conventional sense. The things you will learn might be more about how to function in an office, not so much about what you might learn in school.
Today I thought I would share my top tips for making a good impression during your time at a company!

Listen Carefully
When given a project, make sure to listen carefully and takes notes if you think you need to. Sometimes someone will come over with one simple project and then think of a third, so no matter how simple a task is it always helps to write everything down. Also, if later on they have a revision or a question about what they assigned, you’ll have a written record.

Be Neat and Respectful
As an intern, you are a temporary part of a company. Keep a tidy desk (as best you can- sometimes things really pile up!) and be polite. If your supervisor is busy, or seems focused on a project, try emailing them instead of interrupting to ask questions or to let them know you finished a project. It might seem strange to email someone you are sitting next to, but ultimately when you leave the company, you want to be remembered for your contributions and not your detractors. Also, when it is your last day, clean out your desk! Do not leave anything for them to clean up after you. I’ve seen other interns depart without completely finishing projects and cleaning up, and it does not leave a good impression on their supervisors.

All Projects are Important
No matter how small or large a project is, give it the same attention. Scanning samples might seem completely irrelevant, but sometimes it is a test to see how well you can complete a task. No company will onboard you and immediately give you massive projects without first seeing how you handle the small tasks. Do everything as if it is important, and bigger responsibilities will follow.

At the core of being a good intern is having an attitude of service. If you notice your boss always staples her documents and highlights the date, do this for her if she asks you to print something! Simple favors like this show you are paying attention to what they are doing, and are often met with increased mentorship and attention

Leave on Good Terms
No matter what your internship is like, you are likely to see the people you work with again. Keep any negative opinions you may have to yourself, and maintain a professional attitude in the office. Even the best of internships will have moments that will make you want to vent, but leave it until after you leave for the day.

Those are a few ways I like to optimize my time as an intern. Keep an open mind at an internship and pay attention, and you’ll do great!


Upcoming AAS Final Exhibition in Florence, Italy


In the upcoming months I will be graduating from the Fashion Design Associates program of FIT! Now, for me, it will be a little different from most students graduating back in NYC. From illustration projects, to garments, to final portfolios, each detail is different from NYC’s program.

Over the next posts I will be sharing some of the different projects, critiques, and general idea of how classes run here in FIT in Florence.

For our AAS Final Exhibition we were given the challenge of gathering our inspiration from the Stibbert Museum in Florence. The museum was created by Frederick Stibbert, originally his home, he collected great amounts of treasures from all over the world. His passion for arms and armour show through the different collections. On display you can observe European, Islamic and Japanese armory as well as his other interests for things such as costumes, instruments, paintings, sculptures, etc.

Stibbert Museum

Stibbert Museum

This semester we based our projects on the Stibbert museum. From two illustration projects, to two garments, to research in different classes about the history of the museum and general world events at the time. All for the understanding of what our concepts should represent.

Inside Stibbert Museum

Inside Stibbert Museum

It has been a challenge trying to juggle all this and other classes, but, slowly, my classmates and I have found great ways to navigate through the semester!

In the next post, I will go into detail in explaining different parts of projects and how they all come together for the final exhibition.


Ciao, Maria




Things I Miss from NYC

Now that I am halfway through my time in Hong Kong, I’ve definitely noticed some things I miss! While there is so much to do and see here, nothing will ever replace NYC. Besides the obvious- NYC is my home- here are the small things I have missed the most.

Proximity to Family
This is a big one- NYC is only a 3hr bus ride away from my home town. Hong Kong on the other hand is a 20 hour flight! I miss spending a weekend home with family whenever I need some support.

Trader Joe’s
Silly, but I miss the prepared foods and how easy it is to grocery shop there- here I grab this and that from several places and hope it’ll do! Cheese is really expensive here, and I miss TJ’s great selection.

Mexican Food
I make a lot of tacos, burrito bowls and quesadillas back home and enjoy how easy it is- however the ingredients for that here are heard to come by. I look forwards to eating chipotle when I get back too!

24/7 MTA
The train system here, the MTR, runs up until 12am. Not ideal if you are out a bit late, and have to find an alternative way of getting home!

Being in EST Time Zone
So many things are based around EST, including communication with my family and friends! I watched the Super Bowl at 7am on a Monday morning, and have to calculate the time difference whenever I have job interviews or want to call home. Being 12 hours ahead of everyone is fun in concept but pretty inconvenient.

Cooking in My Own Kitchen
There are shared kitchens on every dorm floor, but nothing beats having all your pots and pans with no random messes! Cooking is possible here but I miss the convenience and ease of my own kitchen.

There are a lot of things I will miss from Hong Kong when I leave, but being reunited with family and friends and the other NYC conveniences will be pretty sweet.

What do you think you would miss most if you studied abroad?

Til next week,

Studying Art History in the Cradle of the Renaissance


A great decision I made before coming to study in Florence was to plan all my classes and required credits I needed accordingly. I sat down with my counselor and spoke with her on the many possibilities in completing all those requirements. One suggestion that she made was to leave art history classes for when I came to Florence. Best decision I have made!

In my first semester spent here I took HA 112- History of Western Art and Civilization: Renaissance to the Modern Era. This course was geared towards religious, political, economic, and social conditions in relation to art, such as paintings, sculpture and architecture. It was very eye-opening and enriching towards learning about European culture, mostly events that happened in Florence!

The second Art History course, which I am currently taking is HA 212- Renaissance Art in Florence. It mainly focuses on paintings, sculpture, and architecture from the fourteenth to seventeenth century. Most of the course has been guided towards some of the major monuments and anything art related in Florence. It has been wonderful! Almost every week we have visited different sites, from churches to museums to piazzas!

All visits have been mesmerizing, we’ve got to see some of the most famous art pieces by important artists. Some of these include: The Trinity by Masaccio, The Statues of David by Donatello & Verrocchio, and of course, one of the biggest monument, the Duomo and Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral.

There is so much art to explore here in Florence since it holds a great amount of the most important works in the world, better yet, it is the cradle of the Renaissance. I definitely recommend, if you are planning to study abroad here, to go for the option of taking these courses here and see all these majestic works in person.


Arrivederci, Maria