I’m a girl on the go.

With all the roles I play, it’s super important that I stay healthy no matter how aggressive my schedule gets.

How do I do it?


A good smoothie is packed with nutrients, helps keep you hydrated, simple to make, and great for traveling.  With  the right ingredients, smoothies do the body good.  A good smoothie can contribute to a glowing complexion, more energy, and even muscle repair after a workout. I’m not talking about a banana and a few strawberries topped with tons of sugar blended up with milk and ice.  A good smoothie is a healthy elixir of dark leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and super foods like chia seeds, goji berries, flax seeds, cacao powder, wheat grass, avocados, and/or coconut oil that maximizes your beauty inside and out.  Each week, I’ll upload a new smoothie recipe.  We’ll call it The Smoothie Magic Chronicles.

Here’s our first potion:

Green and Glowing Smoothie

Recipe by Jim Perko, C.E.C., for the Cleveland Clinic Lifestyle 180 program



1 cup cleaned spinach leaves, firm packed

1 cup cleaned kale, rough chop, firm packed

1 cup green seedless grapes

1 Bartlett pear, core, stem and seeds removed

1 orange, peeled and quartered

1 banana, peeled

1 tsp chia seeds

1⁄2 cup water

2 cups ice

Directions: Place all ingredients in blender and process on a low speed for 15 seconds, increase to medium, then high until well blended. Going green never tasted so good.