Notes On Mastering the Art of School-Life Balance

This semester, I’m engaging in 12.5 credits.

I’m a wife.


I’m expecting a baby boy in about 20 days!

     Last weekend, a few lovely ladies who think I’m special threw me a baby shower. It was a blast! We ate chicken and waffles, played games, and nibbled on cupcakes adorned with baby animals.  Guests came bearing gifts of baby swings, adorable onesies, diapers, and breastfeeding accessories.

Chicken and waffles and syrup, oh my!

Meet the parents…

Some wonder why I’m still going to class at this stage in my pregnancy. Truth is, I feel great and I have goals to accomplish!  My mother has three Master’s degrees and my father is a successful entrepreneur. Dedication is in my blood. I’d be misrepresenting the truth if I said that there aren’t times when I’d rather lounge around then deal with International Economics, but part of growing up is taking the reins and handling responsibilities.   As adults, we can either yield results or excuses. Not both. 


   And I intend to shine bright.

One of the phenomenal things about FIT is its ultra diverse student community.  We are a troop of fresh-out-of-high-school teenagers, young adults, not-so- young adults, and even senior citizens.  Some of us dorm, others commute.  Some of us are single, others are engaged or married.  Some of us have dependents, others are dependents.   One common factor between all of us is that we’ve got lots to juggle.

The 2013 Version Of Superwoman…

Here’s how to deal:

1. Prioritize

What’s more important? Studying for your art history exam or painting the town red? “Liking” pictures and posts on social media sites or laundering your clothes? Focus on what matters most and get it done. Period.

2. Plan Ahead

 Mapping out your entire semester is a really good idea. Get a planner and mark the dates of all exams and the due dates for assignments and reports.  Doing this helps to prevent that five-page paper from sneaking up  and robbing you of joy and sleep the night before it’s owed to your professor.

3. Fight Procrastination Like the Plague

‘Nuff said.

4. Stay Positive

Thoughts become things.  When detrimental thoughts attack, take shelter under the refuge of positive thinking. Intend and do your best. Always. Oprah says that you get back whatever you put out. Who can argue with Oprah? Not me!

Making It Happen,