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It’s that time again…

Hey everyone! This semester is going amazing, a little over whelming but AHMAZING. I have had so many great opportunities that I didn’t think I would have this soon in my career. I started my first internship, and I honestly couldnt be happier there. Everyone is so nice and I just love the work that I do there for them. I’m quitting my resturant job back home and (fingers crossed) I might be making the big move to NYC! Commuting is just killing me lately and my life is starting in this wonderful place.

Let’s see what else have I been up too in the past week or so…

unnamedI’m attempting to keep up my healthy life style while the semester slowly drains me. Later this week I have some tips and exercises you can do to tone. Preparing the meals and the exercises take under thirthy mintues each! Keep reading.

sfasI went to the Chiense New Year bamboo giveaway at school the other day, so much fun! They had candy and snacks, bamboo plants, and you could even make your own latern.

weOn a class trip I was able to see the Kate Spade store on Madison Avenue. As you have all seen I’m a HUGE fan, I have eveything Kate Spade. When I walked into the store the ladies went crazy over me realizing I was all Kate Spaded out.

dsI recieved a nice surprise on my car one night after I got off the train. Someone made me a build a bear :), I’ve been getting presents and flowers like crazy lately. I cant wait to see what happens on valentine’s day. I have a feeling I might be getting asked out, but I wont spare to many details you’ll just have to wait and see!

dghCurrrently I am in the library working hard on my project , drawing, computer rendering, and using every spare second I can to make this project the best one I have ever done! These are two perspectives I just did, So far I’m pretty happy with how it is coming out.

fysjToday I got ready in a record ten minutes before I had to run to the train. Oh! I’m a blonde now! A lot of life changes have been happening since school started so I figured why not add one more to the list. I think a lot more surprises will be coming in my next few posts, can’t wait to fill you all in! I’ve decided that my blogs this semester are going to focus a lot more on my readers, SO any suggestions or things you would like me to write about please feel free to comment! And I’m going to start featuring a student every month, so you get to know other people besides the bloggers. Keep a look out for me at school , who knows you maybe next!

XOXO – Kailee


Chelsea Galleries

FIT is located in one of the best places for artists in the country. Even within New York City, Chelsea is a hot bed for artists of all kinds, especially the fine arts. Galleries in Chelsea traditionally hold openings on Thursday nights that are open to everyone. It is a huge opportunity and resource to have these galleries literally at our finger tips. This weekend I visited many of the galleries to see the last shows before I headed back home for break. All the pictures I show below come from just one block (25th street between 9th and 10th). It was amazing all the pieces we saw in just one block of the neighborhood and was extremely inspiring despite the fact I am not a fine arts major. Do not let resources like this go to waste while studying in the most culturally rich city in the world.


Am I in Heaven?

Today I went on a chocolate tour of New York City. I know, I am in heaven.

My friend Olivia’s dad got her tickets to this chocolate extravaganza for her birthday and she invited me to go with her because she is the best. Also, it was a perfect way to celebrate the end of the semester! Olivia and I actually met in one of our orientation meetings the first week of freshman year and three years later we’re still super close, so yeah, don’t skip those orientation things because that actually happens.

Anyway, this chocolate tour was AMAZING. Olivia and I actually lived together for a semester and it is safe to say that I made a giant batch of fudge about every other week, so chocolate is an integral part of our relationship. If you’re interested in taking the tour you can do so here, or if you want to recreate the walk on your own time I’ll tell you about all the amazing places we went:

1. Li-Lac Chocolates – An adorable shop on Jane and 8th. They have been supplying the West Village with chocolate since 1923 and are one of the only companies to still hand dip their chocolate. After tasting their dark chocolate and almond toffee I couldn’t resist buying some oftheirfudge. I haven’t tried it yet because I’m saving to share it with my family over break, but I’m sure it’s going to be amazing

2. Chocolate bar – 8th Ave between Jane and West 12th – Get the hot chocolate. Just do it. Although I love me some Sarabeth’s hot chocolate mix for when I’m at home, Chocolate bar’s “liquid chocolate” hot chocolate was so creamy and delicious. PLUS you can get different flavors like spicy pepper, mint, caramel, etc.

3. Magnolia Bakery – Magnolia Bakery is a must for anyone. There are many different locations that are relatively easy to get to, but no matter where you go, be prepared for a line. Magnolia is famous among New Yorkers and Tourists alike, but for good reason. Their airy cupcakes topped with sweet butter cream are to die for, and the banana cream pudding is known to be a show stopper.

4. Milk & Cookies Bakery – Commerce St. between 7th Ave South and Bedford St – we tried the double chocolate chip cookies which were so delicious, but this small bakery is more known for its bacon cookie. Yes you heard right, bacon cookie. Do you want your breakfast inside your dessert? You’ve found the right place

5. Bisous Ciao – This tiny shop on Stanton between Ludlow and Orchard specializes in the French favorite, macaroons. Personally, I prefer macaroons made in Paris with the traditional flavors, but if any New Yorker is in a pinch they can head down to Stanton. Another perk, the gelato king Laboratorio del Gelato is only a couple doors down

6. Xocolatti – Corner of Prince and Thompson streets – They specialize in the kind of chocolate you don’t want to eat because it just looks so pretty in the box, but do it. Just do it.

7. Pasticceria Bruno – LaGuardia Place between Bleeker and West Housten – the best cannoli in New York. That’s what they say anyway. Unfortunately for me, I do not like cannolis, they’re just too sweet for me. However, anyone who does like cannolis should head over here because this title is not just something they made up; Bobby Flay lost his throw down to these guys!


A Night With Janis Joplin

Before we even get into this post, I need to ask you something: do you know who Janis Joplin is? If not, I’m gonna need you to open up a new tab and Google her right now. Wait, I’ll make it easy for you. I love Janis. I love her because she was flawed (she died at 27 of a drug overdose after a constant battle with alcoholism), but she let her passions drive her and put everything she had into her songs. Of course when I heard Janis was coming to Broadway I knew I wouldhave to see the show.

Finally, I went last weekend with a friend who studies theater at NYU. We did rush tickets and got front row seats. Yep, front row. Right in the middle too! All for the low, low price of $30. Rush tickets are a godsend for anyone who is interested in theater. These tickets are sometimes only available for students, so be sure to take advantage of it as much as you can before graduating. The policy for rush tickets differs for every show but usually it entails a certain number of tickets go on sale the day of the show either when the box office opens in the morning or two hours before curtain. The price and location of the seats varies, but I have usually only paid between $30 and $40 per ticket and gotten seats very close to the stage. (I was in the sixth and then second row forHow to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying – I saw it twice)

If you like Janis, or are interested in the history and development of rock and roll music A Night With Janis Joplin is a great show to see. It is done in the style of a concert with interludes of storytelling and guest appearances from other famous and influential blues singers. As much as I loved the show, I do think that it would have been more successful if it was done in a smaller, underground concert space without any seats. The actors are constantly trying to interact with the audience the way a performer would at a real concert, but the austerity of the grand “Broadway” theater and the etiquette it demands made the interactions awkward. Other than that, the costumes were amazing, the on-stage band was fantastic, the supporting cast, although small, was show stopping and the leading lady was an almost identical embodiment of Janis herself. If you bothered to click on the links I provided, you would know Joplin’s voice is extremely distinctive and her style of singing, speaking and moving are alien to the modern person, yet Mary Bridget Davies nails her performance. You have to get into the spirit of Janis Joplin to really enjoy the show, but it is definitely worth it.

And if Joplin doesn’t float your boat, take advantage of the multitude of other theater options that offer discount rush tickets!


Last Day at the Met

Today was my last day at the internship I worked at this semester. Even though I am currently swamped with finals, I am really sad to not be going back there every week. This semester I was lucky enough to score an internship at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the collections department. Basically, the interns’ job was to label and keep track of all of the costumes being integrated from the Brooklyn Collection. I got to see (and touch!) so many one of kind pieces, including some that were more than one hundred years old. I think the best part of this internship was seeing first hand how museum collections work, and meeting all the other interns I worked with. I was the only undergraduate in the program and I learned so much from the girls who worked with me. Most were already in the Museum Studies masters program at FIT or NYU and knew an incredible amount about fashion history. My inner nerd was always psyched to sit around our sewing table just talking about the different art exhibits we had seen over the weekend and debating the nuances of costume design versus commercial fashion design.

It is important to like your internship if you are going to have one while in school. There is a huge debate right now about the ethics of having unpaid interns, but like it or not, internships are expected by potential employers. Now, as an intern, especially an unpaid one, you should never feel like you can’t miss a day of work in order to keep up with schoolwork. However, if you like the internship and the people you work with, the experience can be extremely rewarding. Besides making contacts in the industry and learning valuable skills that will put you miles ahead of other job applicants, internships let you test out possible career paths. As much as I loved my internship at the Met, I now think that maybe collections wouldn’t be the perfect department for me, but maybe curatorial would be a better fit. As long as you are getting actual experience at the internship and not being taken advantage of, internships are an invaluable resource that are relatively easy to come by in New York City.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Yeah, I got to work here. No big deal or anything.



Jaiah’s Workout Plan

Okay, okay…I get it.

It’s cold outside.

womp womp…..

But that’s no excuse to neglect your fitness.

Sir, yes sir!

Remember: We can either have results or excuses. Not both.

If the New York City wind chill factor makes you run for cover instead of to the gym, you can exercise indoors! Workout DVD’s and fitness channels on YouTube are lifesavers. All you need is a good pair of sneakers, some comfy lounge gear, and a bottle of H2o.

 I like Black Girls Work Out Too, Grade A Glutes, Superherofitnesstv, and Brukwine.

Try this workout. Thanks Bodynomics!

Let’s Go!

Repeat below for 3 sets with no break. Be sure to use good form.

20 Jumping Jacks

10 Alternating Reverse Lunges

5 Pushups

Take a two minute break.

Now cool off, cool off….

Complete below for 3 sets. Go slow and focus on form

25 Bodyweight Squats

12 Dips

15 Hip Raises

15 Reverse Crunches

I’m always looking for new ways to challenge my body.  How do you guys stay active when it’s cold outside?

Fit and Fabulous,