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Being FIT for the New Year:

As we all come back from the hibernation that is Winter Break, I’m sure we all have told ourselves “only one bite” of your aunt’s delicious chocolate cake or mom’s famous macaroni and cheese. If you’re like me, taking only “one” bite turns into ten.

Going into 2018, here are some tips I’m going to taking into consideration to start this year healthy!

  • Eat – No this is not a typo! Eat, and eat well this year. As much as people believe not eating will help you lose weight, it actually does the opposite. The key is to replace the “not so healthy” foods in your diet with healthier ones, not less food that your body needs!

  • Stay active – As the school semester begins, we all know sticking to an exercise routine gets harder and harder. Little workouts always count, break up an hour throughout your day of different cardio and strength exercises to keep those calories burning and sweat dripping.

  • Find a diet for you – If you’re one to diet, find the one that you and your body enjoy the most. Not every diet is meant for everyone, so don’t be pressured by peers to stick to one plan if it’s just not you!

Here’s to being healthy and happy in 2018! Let’s make this year a great one.



Notes From the 6 Train: Finding & Exploring Courageous Creativity

Courageous *the fist* Creativity *the other hand being creative* lol

Courageous *the fist* Creativity *the other hand being creative* lol

This past Sunday I went to this Dance Therapy Healing workshop. I spent all day dancing, moving, talking and crying with an amazing group of women.

The workshop, Courageous Creativity, is all about unblocking your creativity. Tatiana Zamir, a trained dance and massage therapist, encouraged this through simple breathing and body awareness exercises. We also thought back to time whens our creativity was not valued or recognized. And then we danced that feeling of unworthiness out, and then danced in a way that reclaimed our sense of ideas and voices mattering. It was therapeutic and healing, especially since moving and being in your body is an art form that many of us don’t tap into. Our bodies retain all the stress we put it through, both physically and emotionally, so it only makes sense for us to turn back into our bodies for answers and guidance.

A little solitary movement after the workshop.

A little solitary movement after the workshop.

Dance is something I love. I use it as a healing mechanism all the time, but to do it with a group of other women is quite special. During this workshop, I realized some truths that I have to deal with in order to move forward with all of my creative endeavors. I am excited to put them into action! Right before the beginning of school was the perfect time for these realizations.

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