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What Works… and What Does Not: Finals

Hello Everyone,

Approaching my last semester of college has left me both reflecting and reminiscing. One of the most crucial times of the semester boils down to finals. After seven semesters of trial and error, I have found what personally works best for me during finals season… and what does not. Being in the art and design field means a lot more assigned projects. And lot more projects means a lot more cumulative time spent working on a finished product, rather than preparing for a test in many different classes. Throughout my years at FIT, I have discovered how to make the most efficient time of my semester, while still being able to enjoy it as much as I can. Here are a few dos and don’ts I can confidently recommend after my semesters at FIT:

DO: Plan, Plan, and Definitely Plan-
It is no mystery that FIT’s students are hardworking, devoted and passionate. With this devotion and passion comes a certain commitment to the assigned workload. Classes and due assignments become a lot more manageable and able to be completed to a level of satisfaction when the work is broken up. Creating a timeline for yourself so you can chip away piece by piece can help your stress levels and the finished product…which brings me to…

DON’T: Last Minute is Never a Fun Minute-
No matter how much we all want to convince ourselves, saving a project or assignment to the last minute is not fun. Even if you think you can finish the project in a day, why not give yourself the extra time? You never know if something may come up or go unexpectedly. Giving yourself the extra breathing time just incase is never a bad idea. Plus, allowing yourself the extra time gives a grace period for mistakes, or improving the project/assignment to your liking.

DO: Expect the Unexpected
No matter how much we prepare and how hard we try, not everything goes according to plan… and that is okay. There is only so much that is in your control. Give yourself that extra “just incase” time, but also do not worry if there are a few bumps in the road. Some of my biggest struggles helped me grow and become a stronger person; it is all apart of life’s journey. Embrace it!

DON’T: Let Stress Get the Best of You
With the occasional lack of control comes stress. I think every college student (and probably every human being) can relate to a time where stress and anxiety felt a bit overwhelming. I have learned throughout my college career that the best way to deal with stress is to manage it and not let it consume. Sometimes a bit of stress is healthy. Stress can help motivate us to work on a project or get something done. However, do not let it take over. We are all human so the feelings of stress and anxiety, to an extend, are natural. Always remind yourself that in the end, it is going to workout.

Lastly… DO Your Best!
If you can put your head on the pillow knowing you gave something your all, then that is the the most fulfilling kind of accomplishment. Take pride in knowing that you put the effort and hard work into making something great. Be proud of your successes and embrace your failures. College is the time to try and fail and succeed… it is all part of your journey!

I hope that these dos and don’ts provide some words of encouragement! What are your tips and tricks for making it through finals?

Until next time,
Annmarie x

AAS Fashion Design Exhibit poster

Student Exhibitions

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been AWOL but moving back home for the holidays is one lengthy process (specially when you only have two suitcases to pack your entire life).

One thing I really love about FIT is that your work gets showcased throughout school (yep, we get to show off how amazing we are ALL the time).  Countless hours, sleepless nights and all that effort you put into creating that final piece or project takes center stage during the last weeks of the semester. Even though FIT is always dressed up in our incredible students works of art at the end of every semester the School of Art and Design puts up several exhibits open to the public (where you can completely brag about your awesome invention).

This time I visited the Fashion Design AAS Exhibition Inspired by the American Folk Art Museum, which was up for four days at FIT’s John E. Reeves Great Hall. Unfortunately we weren’t able to take pictures (even though I sneaked a few shots, in respect to others work I decided not to post them) but I found a teaser video by Prof. Michael Cokkinos of the Advertising and Marketing Department at FIT. Click here to watch.

Carpe Diem, (even if it means having to jump three times on your suitcase before closing it, due to holiday shopping)


Surviving Finals Week 101

So alas the dreaded time of the school year has arrived…FINALS.  It can be one of the most stressful and sleepless times of the year, but it doesn’t have to be.  I’ve got my tips on how to not only survive finals week, but to conquer finals week.

  1. Ask questions!
    Ask your professors when the final is going to be, the format of the final (project, paper, exam), and if they have any recommendations on what mistakes former students commonly made.  If you show that you are interested in doing well in the class, more than likely, the professor will respond positively to your questions.
  2. Stay organized
    This is a note for the whole semester.  Everything should have a place and the place should have a place.  The more organized you are, the easier it is to crack down on studying.
  3. Prepare early on!
    I know that procrastination is the enemy, but around finals time, you’ve got to fight it.  Start studying early on so that when it comes down to the night before, you won’t be cramming, stressed out, or pulling ANY all nighters.  The earlier you start studying, the less cramming you have to do, the more confident you feel, the more sleep you get, the better grade in your hands!
  4. Sleep!
    This only happens if you follow #3.  We all need our beauty sleep.
  5. Take breaks!
    Set time goals for yourself and pencil in some much needed TLC.  Whether you are hitting the gym for an hour to burn off some steam, or if you are going to paint your nails, try and stay off social media…it’s addicting.  And if you dare touch Netflix, go for a 30 minute sitcom, not all 6 seasons of Gossip Girl.
  6. Celebrate
    You are all finished!  If it’s 1 final or all of your finals, be sure to go out with your friends Ben & Jerry and celebrate your successful finals week!  You deserve it!

Happy Finals Week!  And may the odds be ever in your favor.
Also…be sure to return your rental books!