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Photography Advice – Open Studio

Being a photography major at FIT isn’t a walk in the park.  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  There are going to be days where you question why you are pursuing photography, and there are going to be days where you really know why.  There are going to be plenty of people waiting for you to fail, but there are people that really want you to succeed.  As a photography student, there are certain things that you are going to have to figure out on your own, whether it be a photo project, assignment, technique, or lighting.  Trying to figure things out on your own isn’t exactly the easiest, which is why open studio exists.  To sign up for open studio, you go into the photo office on the 4th floor of the D building and you pick what day and time works best for you.  The schedules are put out a week in advanced so be sure to sign up a week before so you can get your desired date and time.  While you still may be weary going to into an open studio and not knowing what equipment to check out or what you are doing, try recruiting a friend an experimenting together.  Also, do your research the night before looking into what kind of equipment from the list of equipment from the cage is best for you.  Don’t give up and step outside of your comfort zone!


First Week Back

Wow!  What a stressful week it has been here at FIT.  The first week of the semester has just concluded and my goodness am I tired.  At the beginning of the week, I was terrified.  I had no idea what to expect for my second semester.  As much as ratemyprofessor.com is useful, you never really know what the class and the professor are going to be like.  With very little sleep, I survived the first week back.  I am excited to really get back into the swing of things and get comfortable with my schedule and daily routine again.  I’ve already met some really awesome people in my classes and I’ve already learned so much.  If you are an incoming freshman to FIT or any university, just know that it is 100% normal to be nervous about starting a new semester.  It’s like starting a new school year.  It’s terrifying, but exciting, but nerve-racking.  I actually have 2 evening classes this semester, so there will definitely be a post in the future about how to stay awake for your evening classes!  All I can say is that it was an incredibly stressful week with not knowing what to expect, but we all made it through…and now sleep is much needed.


Professors can change your entire school experience!

Greetings everyone! I know everyone’s always going on Rate my Professor to find out what the deal is with the professors’ there going to have for the up coming semester. So I interviewed my two FAVORITE teachers of all time! I picked these two because they motivate me to move forward even if at the moment i’m not doing so great in there class. Unlike most of my other professors they are always there to help and to help you understand better.



First I picked a major related professor,since I am an interior designer I picked my AUTOCAD II professor.  Her name is CARMITA SANCHEZ-FONG, and she teachers AUTOCAD I, AUTOCAD II, Methods and Materials, Working Drawings, and Building Regulations. She also is hoping to teach Professional Practice within the next year. Her favorite class has to be Working Drawings, because its the first time all the knowledge, learning, and abilities come together ( Busy woman right?).She has been at FIT for 17 years, and she loves it! Her students mostly include interior design students of all ages and of all different skill levels. She loves the variety that she gets in each class from the people that struggle to the people that do really well.

After talking to her I got to know all the amazing things she does besides just teach at FIT. She recently helped in building 16 homes for families affected by Sandy in Long Beach, you can actually see her hard work in the exhibit in the D- Building Lobby. She is also currently working with the Woman’s shelter in NYC, renovating 8 bed rooms with students. She is a Volunteer for HOPE FOR NYC, the list goes on and on. She does all of this and still has the time for her students!

When I asked Carmita what advice she would have for incoming freshman she responded with .. ” Fall in love with something, let your passion guide you and don’t give up …believe your capable, believe in yourself and if you don’t come see me!”

Obviously after reading this you can see why I picked Carmita for my favorite Major related professor. She is the definition of motivated, She’s caring and a very strong, intelligent woman. If you ever have the chance to, take her!



I know for most ,your not interior designers so I wanted to help you with what English teacher to take. Just because I am a blogger doesn’t mean my grammar, punctuation, and spelling is or was always the best or that I always loved writing. But having CAROLE DELETINER changed that! She inspired me to express myself through writing! Carole has been at FIT for 9 years full time.

She teaches Freshman Composition, Creative Non Fiction, Honors American Lit, and Perspectives on American Lit. Her favorite class to teach is Freshman Composition, because it is one of the few classes that has students from every discipline and major. She loves working with young writers and inviting them to explore writing in a way they might never have before.

In Carole’s spare time she enjoys reading and writing(Even though she is an English teacher, she doesn’t spend that much time reading and writing), knitting, and playing her favorite Candy Crush Saga. I think we all have been addicted to playing that at some point.

When I asked her what advice she would give to incoming students she replied “Be kind to yourself, don’t feel like everyone else has everything under control and your the only one with stress”. Also that “Nothing prepares you for your first semester” ( I think everyone can relate to that one). And lastly ” FIT is a remarkable school but it isn’t for everyone, besides school New York City can be overwhelming but it is amazing at the same time”.

Carole is an amazing and talented woman, and is definitely a teacher that you would be honored to have. She will motivate you and bring out a side in your writing you never knew you had! Teachers make such a difference in your life.( I bet you are thinking about one you had right now, when you were younger).

Do you have a favorite teacher? Or a teacher you think I would like to take?

I want to hear from you!


A special thanks to my photographer, Nicole Eng for taking these pictures!

Photo Student Reality

So as you all may know, I’m a photography major.  Usually when I tell people this, they tend to have zero clue that there is even a photography major offered at FIT.  Being an art major implies a lot of things.  You are generally creative, inspired, and well…busy.  Being so immensely busy, the following are my photo major tips for survival:

  • Get your assignments done early – don’t procrastinate.  Easier said than done.  Tumblr does get in the way.  But dodge David Karp and get your work done!
  • Form a good relationship with your professors.  They are there to help you and see you grow as an artist.
  • Always carry snacks and beverages.  Sometimes there is not enough time to run out and get something to eat from 7th ave or from the dining hall, so be prepared!  (Being prepared includes gum, floss, and hand sanitizer.  Gotta keep things fresh!)
  • Always keep a notebook on you so that you can sporadically jot down your latest and greatest idea.
  • Be nice to everyone and help everyone out.  You may not always know what you’re doing, and the same can be said about your classmates.  Yes, the competition can be fierce, but everyone is still doing their own thing.  It’s best to have support in the art and fashion world.
  • Have fun!  More than likely, if you are a photography major, you enjoy and thrive off of making art.  Make vague and simple assignments into something extraordinary and in to something you are proud of and put in your portfolio.