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One of those days.

So just like everyone I’m under a tremendous amount of stress right now. It’s getting closer and closer to the end of the semester, projects, tests, I don’t know where I should go first. This has been just one of those weeks for me where I just feel like nothing is going right. We all have them it’s normal, it’s not my first and, nor will it be my last. There’s certain things you should know to do when this starts to happen to you. Last semester I was so stressed out and I didn’t talk to anyone I thought ” I’m strong I can handle anything” but sometimes you do need someone to help you through it.

1. Talk to someone – I know that sounds stupid, but it really does help sometimes just talking about things helps relieve some of the pressure on you. My mom is always the first person I go to, because she knows exactly when I’m about to break. I even talk to my pets sometimes, when I don’t want anyone to know what is going on in my life ( Don’t act like you don’t do it too).


This is one of my pets, fluff – He was trying to be studious that day





2.Relax- No one thinks they have time when its the end of the semester, but you have to make time for yourself! You’ll go absolutely insane if you don’t. Last semester I was working long hours at work to try and pay for school, I was staying up late doing my homework and falling asleep on my drafting board. I felt like I had no time at all for anything, but sometimes just taking a nice bath will help calm you down and clear your head.







3. Take up a hobby – This semester on the train I was doing work on the train, then going to my classes. My brain felt like mush by the end of the day, so I found a hobby.  I started Crocheting, actually only about two days ago. I have an hour and fifteen minutes to kill on the train and to relax before my crazy day begins. It’s so soothing to me, and I already made a scarf, pot holder, and I’m starting a blanket on the way home. ( Look in my next couple blog posts for some tutorials!)

4.SLEEP! IT’S A MUST!-We’re college students, yes we stay up late, yes we work hard. But you need to make time to sleep.When I don’t get enough rest I go on my break at school and I sleep somewhere.(NOT LIKE THAT GUYS!) I learned I can literally sleep on a window sill if I have too. I keep a snuggie in my locker, and even a pillow. It helps to just close your eyes for a few minutes after a long night of working, and studying. But seriously try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night, it will help with your stress levels and increase your productivity. I promise you’ll see a difference in yourself and in your work.

5.Reward yourself-After a long week of working hard you deserve a treat, buy yourself something, eat something that you normally don’t. Just do something that makes you feel good about how hard you worked, or that gives you something to look forward to every week. I have a bad shopping addiction, I don’t always have the most money but each month I make it a point to buy myself something. I’m obsessed with Kate Spade , I bought myself gloves over the weekend as a reward for everything I’ve accomplished thus far in the semester. It doesn’t have to be buying something though it could be having a fun night out with friends, or just laying in bed with a good book and not doing anything for the entire day. ( Best feeling in the world). The reward is up to you, it’s whatever you want it to be!

Just remember everyone- YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT , I promise. Your not alone, everyone feels this way. So stay positive, and keep working hard.


New York is more than a city, it’s a State.

Everyone often thinks when they come here that Manhattan accounts for the whole entirety of New York. I’m here to tell you there is something beyond Van Cortlandt Park – 242 St (and I bet you don’t even ride the subway thaaaat far.) So, this weekend I decided to adventure out to Fishkill Farm with my roommates and have a study break before midterms. We planned everything in advance (a skill you will acquire here) to ensure we were all wearing plaid because after all this is a fashion school. five friends in the orchard

Apple and pumpkin picking is actually cooler than it sounds, especially when you go with your friends. Just picture a mini-road trip, blasting 90’s music singing Spice Girls “Wannabe”, on the Taconic State Parkway with the windows rolled down. (Yep, it was that good.) Well, not taking into account being carsick for the first half of the trip since it’s been two months that you haven’t been in a car. (you said it, first world problems haha) After walking through the orchards free loading on apples, we decided to pick a few and make sure we had enough for the pies we wanted to bake. I of course bought a caramel apple kit, acknowledging once we were back in the city reality would hit (aint’t nobody got time for pies).

having an apple from a tree

My first time!





five friends in an orchard

While my friends decided to come back into the city, I decided to stay over at my aunt’s (I mean what Dominican doesn’t have an aunt in NY?). On Sunday, she took me to Rockefeller State Park Preserve, a hidden gem. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Carpe Diem, Sadie

Beautiful fall Scenery, lake and trees     Stream on a fall day, with trees and sunshine

Sitting on the bench underneath a tree

Officially in Love