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Notes From the 6 Train: Slowing Down in Puerto Rico

Look at that water!

Look at that water!

In between my dance performance, my internship with the Laundromat Project, and all the summer excitement, I was able to sneak away for a bit to journey to the Caribbean. A close friend of mines spent this past semester studying at University of Puerto Rico. Towards the end of the semester she got a internship and spent a few more months on the island.

If you haven’t ever been, let me just tell you, Puerto Rico is beautiful. The nature is majestic, the people are unbelievably kind and open, and the culture is vibrant. While I was there I went night kayaking to the Bioluminescent Bay, met a local who showed me this secret beach cave, danced salsa until 3 am, played Dominos until 1, ate lots of fresh picked fruit and monfongo *popular food in the Caribbean*, and felt to calm and rejuvenated upon my return home.

The Bioluminescent Bay!

Apart of this calmness was being by the water, though another part was because I had gotten used to operating on island time. In Puerto Rico the transpiration is slow, and I mean really slow. There’s no real set schedule for buses, and some would only come once hourly, if you were lucky.
The slow pace took time getting used to, but once I released my need for everything to happen immediately, I began enjoying the pace. I was present and aware in a way that’s hard for me to find while in the city. Since my trip I’ve been reflecting on how to bring this same awareness to my daily life.

Joanna & I

Joanna & I

What about you? What have you experience this summer that you want to bring into your fall?

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New York is more than a city, it’s a State.

Everyone often thinks when they come here that Manhattan accounts for the whole entirety of New York. I’m here to tell you there is something beyond Van Cortlandt Park – 242 St (and I bet you don’t even ride the subway thaaaat far.) So, this weekend I decided to adventure out to Fishkill Farm with my roommates and have a study break before midterms. We planned everything in advance (a skill you will acquire here) to ensure we were all wearing plaid because after all this is a fashion school. five friends in the orchard

Apple and pumpkin picking is actually cooler than it sounds, especially when you go with your friends. Just picture a mini-road trip, blasting 90’s music singing Spice Girls “Wannabe”, on the Taconic State Parkway with the windows rolled down. (Yep, it was that good.) Well, not taking into account being carsick for the first half of the trip since it’s been two months that you haven’t been in a car. (you said it, first world problems haha) After walking through the orchards free loading on apples, we decided to pick a few and make sure we had enough for the pies we wanted to bake. I of course bought a caramel apple kit, acknowledging once we were back in the city reality would hit (aint’t nobody got time for pies).

having an apple from a tree

My first time!





five friends in an orchard

While my friends decided to come back into the city, I decided to stay over at my aunt’s (I mean what Dominican doesn’t have an aunt in NY?). On Sunday, she took me to Rockefeller State Park Preserve, a hidden gem. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Carpe Diem, Sadie

Beautiful fall Scenery, lake and trees     Stream on a fall day, with trees and sunshine

Sitting on the bench underneath a tree

Officially in Love