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Springtime in the City

The city is back to life! Trees are budding, flowers are being replanted, color is seeping back into the humans and surroundings of New York. People are smiling and laughing as they walk down the street, happy to finally unravel and de-bundle themselves from their winter jackets, hats and scarves. Dogs sniff their way down the street, able to enjoy their walk and not freeze their paws off! I think tears filled my eyes the other day as I walked down the street in a short sleeved shirt,  sans the jacket. What does all this mean….SPRING IS HERE!

Not only does the nice weather mean frequent visits to Central Park, the Highline, South Street Seaport and countless other sunny-day sites throughout the city but also a slew of festivals and events only spring in the big apple has to offer!

Below are a few that I will be trying out as we head to the end of the semester! If you happen to be visiting NY during this time check them out! As always, let me know what you think 🙂

1. Tribeca Film Festival, April 15-26

Who doesn’t love new movies? The Tribeca Film Festival is a world renowned festival that happens right in downtown Manhattan, as well as across the city. You can get matinee tickets for as little as $10 and tickets to guest talks for $35. The movies are ones not to be missed.

2. Cherry Blossom Season at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, April 1-26

Instead of hopping on a jet to Japan, hop on the subway to Brooklyn and see the natural wonders of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Get your iPhone camera’s ready because its impossible to see these beauties and not snap some photos. The Cherry Blossom Trees are a sure sign of Spring, so you don’t want to miss it. Only $10!

3. NYC Hot Sauce Expo, April 25-26

I know everyone doesn’t have the love of hot-spicy foods that I do…but maybe you’ll think twice after attending this event. The third annual hot sauce expo will be taking place at The Brooklyn Expo in late April, showcasing 45 vendors! Come with an empty stomach and leave thoroughly pleased. From spicy pizzas, to spicy bloody-marys – your tongue will be on fire…in the best way possible 😉

4. Kentucky Derby, May 2

Chances are you don’t have tickets to the actual Kentucky Derby horse race…but I’m sure you have a fabulous hat somewhere in your closet that you’re dying to break out! This is your opportunity! Many bars and restaurants around the city will be involved in this classic southern event. Gather your friends, don your best derby hat, find a bar showing the race and transport yourself to Kentucky! I recommend finding a horse who’s name makes you laugh…then root for them!

5. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Rooftop

I will definitely be heading to the Met Museum to check out the “Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky” exhibit running through May 10th. There are countless exhibitions to view, enough to fill your afternoon with beauty, history and culture. Before you go, make your way to the Met rooftop. This is one of the best views of the city, overlooking all of Central Park. Bask in the sun, feel the breeze, and look to the sky line – breathe in the beauty and magic of this city!





Event at the Met

College Group at the Met: K-Art

One of the best parts of being in college is that you can actually join college groups. My best suggestion thus far is The College Group at the Met (as in Metropolitan Museum of Art), these guys throw incredible parties for new exhibits that are a perfect mix of good music, great food,korean treats art and networking. Personally, I’mroommates at event not a very big fan of museums (yes, I said it no going back) but my roommate has invited me to all of these parties and they have been a cultural blast. This time we got to attend K-Art “Splendors from Silla to Seoul” a wonderful event hosted by the Korea Society in collaboration with The CGM. pins k-art

The event was held this past Friday and it was a great way to kick-off the weekend with fun activities for undergraduate and graduaExhibition at the mette students to explore the new exhibition and enjoy performances featuring both traditional and K-pop music (yeah, dance lessons with music from Psy’s latest song). Usually for these events you have to RSVP beforehand so I suggest you join their committee and/or their Facebook group here. This time I went with my roommates and their friends and learned bits about Korean culture all while making new friends. friends at the metI definitely recommend checking out their next event, it’s my third one and I will be coming back (since now there is a mandatory $25 entrance fee, this is also a good way to get in for free).

After we were done with the exhibition (the Met was really kicking us out), we decided to go to the nearest Latin American restaurant. Turns out it was a very fun place with Latin music, amazing cuisine and great vibe. Calle Ocho at the Excelsior hotel was the perfect way to end the night, the best things happen unplanned.

friends at restaurant

Carpe Diem,



My new-found treasure for the event