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Notes From the 6 Train: Applying Your Apps!

Last week I went to a networking event held by BRAG at LIM’s campus. Genevieve Ascencio, the head account manager at Factory PR. Factory PR is one of the premiere Public Relations in the fashion industry. A few of their clients are Marie Claire, Betsey Johnson, Diesel, Puma, Levi’s as well as a slew of other well known companies.

Genevieve told us her story about she stumbled into PR. She actually began studying economics at NYU and after graduating realized that she was no longer passionate about economics. Instead, she began working at her mother’s hair salon. While there, she digitized all of her mother’s files and started sending newsletter to all of their clients. Realizing she had a knack for soliciting more business through her newsletter she started interning at a PR firm and the rest is history. I like this story because it’s a reminder that you don’t have to spend your entire life ruled by your college degree. If you prepare enough, or have the skills, the world is yours.

Genevieve also made a list of the important apps for those interested in pursing a career in PR. (These can also be applied to other jobs in the fashion industry.)


Cision: Cision is primarily used organize PR related information in an orderly manner. It has the ability to distribute press releases, manage PR campaigns, monitor news coverage and analyze results.


FashionGPS: FashionGPS boasts about their ability to provides solutions for the global fashion industry. It hosts suite of products to assist fashion brands and PR agencies in tracking and managing samples, planing and executing events, hosting and managing media, and enabling communication with key contacts. Here’s a list of the various services they offer:

• GPS Samples (Internal and external sample inventory tracking and management)
• GPS Contacts (CRM tool)
• GPS Styles (Media hosting and distribution channel)
• Events GPS (Event management, RSVPs, check-in, interactive seating charts, RFID security)


DropBox: This is a familiar app that many of you may use already. DropBox is used to store information. It is also an easy to share information with others. The best part is once saved to your particular DropBox account your infroamtion can be lost. DropBox for business has all of these functions plus admin controls, dedicated support, and all the space your company needs.


HootSuite: is a social media management system for brand management. It enables the user to create one general post and send it out to all social media networks at the same time. The interface takes the form of a dashboard, and supports social network integration for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare,MySpace, WordPress, TrendSpottr and Mixi.


Zkipster: Zkipster is a guest list app for non-ticketed event check-in at premieres, parties and galas, promotional events and conferences. It’s the first check-in app compatible on iOS, Android and Windows 8 platforms – offering secure real-time guest list management for public relations, event and meeting professionals.

It’s always nice to know what to expect/ what’s needed from an expert in the field. Going to learning events, such as this one, keeps you abreast of what’s going on in the industry before even officially entering it. Imagine how impressed a potential employer might be when you subtly drop hints about these apps when you’re at your next interview. Keep striving.

All things Color, Love, & Fashion,
Ayanna L.


Happy New Year! I hope this 2014 is full of great adventures (remember only bad decisions make good stories haha)!

The App Inside

This is how it looks once you have signed in (same FIT username&password)

I wanted to dedicate this post to the one of the most important things that made my New Year’s eve literally, end with a bang. (Drum-roll please…) It is the FIT App also known as, Ellucian Go. I’m pretty sure most of you have no idea this app exists and trust me, once the FIT website doesn’t work properly on your mobile device, this app will be your new bff. FIT APPI discovered it through Carmen (Senior RA in Co-Ed and best friend) who was having the same issues I was trying to get my updated grades from my phone. Little did I know that you can find Ellucian Go (interesting name selection) just like that on any app store and then select Fashion Institute of Technology. Here you will be able to see your grades, your schedule, pay your bills, refill your campus card (pretty much everything). Go ahead and have fun poking and discovering this fab app.

All I know is that once I downloaded it on the last day of the year, I looked through my posted final grades and I was the happiest and most accomplished person ever. I had 21 credits, 7 classes, 2 jobs, had time for fun and still got 7 A’s! (BANG!)two champagne glasses and cellphone with grades

This past Fall ’13 semester I got a scholarship and I personally think that according to the app, I have been a great ROI (Return on Investment, for those of you who don’t minor in Economics haha or care). So needless to say, I started celebrating early. Hope you guys can accomplish anything you set your heads to.

Carpe Diem,