Happy New Year! I hope this 2014 is full of great adventures (remember only bad decisions make good stories haha)!

The App Inside

This is how it looks once you have signed in (same FIT username&password)

I wanted to dedicate this post to the one of the most important things that made my New Year’s eve literally, end with a bang. (Drum-roll please…) It is the FIT App also known as, Ellucian Go. I’m pretty sure most of you have no idea this app exists and trust me, once the FIT website doesn’t work properly on your mobile device, this app will be your new bff. FIT APPI discovered it through Carmen (Senior RA in Co-Ed and best friend) who was having the same issues I was trying to get my updated grades from my phone. Little did I know that you can find Ellucian Go (interesting name selection) just like that on any app store and then select Fashion Institute of Technology. Here you will be able to see your grades, your schedule, pay your bills, refill your campus card (pretty much everything). Go ahead and have fun poking and discovering this fab app.

All I know is that once I downloaded it on the last day of the year, I looked through my posted final grades and I was the happiest and most accomplished person ever. I had 21 credits, 7 classes, 2 jobs, had time for fun and still got 7 A’s! (BANG!)two champagne glasses and cellphone with grades

This past Fall ’13 semester I got a scholarship and I personally think that according to the app, I have been a great ROI (Return on Investment, for those of you who don’t minor in Economics haha or care). So needless to say, I started celebrating early. Hope you guys can accomplish anything you set your heads to.

Carpe Diem,