Life in the Concrete Jungle: An Introduction

I know what you’re thinking… it’s New York City – I’ll never make it, I’ll go broke, I’m one in a million who have the same dream of being successful in the fashion industry… These thoughts running rapidly in your mind are holding you back… But let me tell you this –

The Empire State Building

To the prospective students across the world… if FIT is your dream school, go for it. Getting an education in the BEST city in the world is an experience that you cannot get anywhere else.

The Freedom Tower

My name is Mariano, I am an 18-year-old Puerto Rican boy, from a lower-middle class family in California; studying Advertising and Marketing Communications. FIT was just a dream to me and now it is a reality. Never underestimate yourself and the opportunities in front of you. If you are thinking about starting a new chapter of your life in New York City at FIT, find out more information on the application process here.

New York Fashion Week, one of many opportunities at FIT!
New York Fashion Week, one of many opportunities at FIT!

In the last month, I’ve learned and experienced so much that I will never forget. Hopefully, you will soon! Please reply with any questions about the application process, I don’t bite!

Until next time… xoxo – M

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  1. Hello, I am a junior at a New York Ciry high school and FIT is my dream school and st the moment I’ve Janet began my second semester and my GPA is a 3.3, and SO to give you a little more background I’ll tell you my grade history

    Freshman Year my grades were great 85-100

    Sophomore year things got a little rocky , my grades ranging from a 75-90

    Now junior I think i’m doing pretty good mentally bc i don’t have my full junior transcript yet but I’d say my grades range from a 80-95 somewhat .

    So my question to you is do you think I’m eligible to even apply for FIT next year ? I want to study Cosmetology, Business, and probably Finance or Marketing. I take 1 AP English course and have and am going through several extracurrilar activities + a college now course

    1. Hello Fatoumata! I think you’ll be just fine! Just have a really great essay that encompasses your work ethic and personality. Best of luck! Let me know if I can help you in anyway possible.

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