This Thanksgiving, I have SO much to be grateful for.

2013, the year of the Water Snake, was an incredible year for me.

 I got married to my best friend.

Always In All Ways

Moved into a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment with tons of natural sunlight.

Submitted my graduation application for Spring 2014

And gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

      We’ve all heard that we should

But how many of us take that seriously?

      We fret over freckled faces or flabby waists when we should really be focused on the wonder of life itself.  I’m not saying it’s easy to spotlight how beautifully the birds sing when your alarm goes off at dawn, but it behooves us to find the good and praise it in order to make the absolute best of our lives.  No matter what.

     Most of us were taught to say the magic words of please and thank you as children.  This is because gratitude ushers more of what you want into your life. Just like magic.

     Every night, I write down at least five things  I’m grateful for and why. Whether I’m grateful for my morning spinach omelet, having rain boots to wear during the rain, or the weekend, it’s important that I take deliberate note of all the good that life has granted me and act accordingly.  I used to keep a small journal to record my gratitude but now I use HappyRambles.  This Thanksgiving, I encourage you to be truly grateful.  Not just today, but everyday.  It will change your life.

With Grace and Gratefulness,


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