Street Work to Art Work

Walking down 7th Avenue towards our school on 27th you will always see a lot of interesting things. Anything from people in Anime costumes to people drawing on the side of our school in chalk, it will draw you in. It will catch your curiosity and make you want more. Last May  in front of the D-Building ,we had this awesome batman door way, I always end up taking pictures of the things that are going on at school. I even send them to all my friends at home, ” Look how cool my school is, all this happens in front of the building I go into everyday”. This week make sure you look up and see the adorable deer antlers made out of card board! They always have something going on in front of that building and on the inside as well. One of the professors I featured , Carmita Sanchez Fong, recently had her presentation up to show how many families her and her students helped during sandy and how much they were truly affected.( right when you walk in the D-building).

Last month we had Chalk art work all over the building, done by the illustration majors. It was some of the most creative and beautiful Art work I’ve been lucky enough to see at FIT. People were stopping and taking tons of pictures, I was one of them ( it must have been a great feeling for those illustration majors). It’s great that our school does so many of these fun things to get our students noticed. Last semester I took a life drawing class, in which we got to go outside and draw buildings and people whatever we wanted really, on a nice day. It was so much fun and I highly recommend it, but people would stop and ask to see our sketches and if they could take pictures. ( Made you feel like a big shot haha).

This is some of the Art work from the Side walk Chalk day, the colors were so bright and beautiful!

This was my absolute favorite one of all! What talent it took to do these pieces!





FIT is filled with so many majors besides fashion, were all so different but the thing that brings all the majors together is there love for art, and appreciation for the hard work that goes into it. Have you seen anything else around school lately that you think is awesome? Have you done anything that you want noticed?! Send it to me!   Keep up the hard work, Kailee