“All This Intimacy” Performance

This past Saturday, I was in the audience of our very own FIT Theatre Ensemble as they performed “All This Intimacy.”  Not only am I a HUGE theatre geek, I also wanted to support my good friend from back home, Hailey Rozenberg, who played the hilarious and obnoxious bride-to-be, Franny.  The show was hilarious, lively, and full of well…intimacy.  Prior to receiving the program, I had no idea that this whole production was primarily student run.  Having the theatre rule my life in high school, I fully understand what a large production it is to put on a play or musical.  Now being a college student, I cannot imagine how all of these students managed their time and sleeping schedules to pull off an unbelievable performance.  I truly applaud the cast and crew for their work onstage and for all their hours of hard work in preparation.  Unfortunately, all of the performances have now passed, but you can be a part of the FIT Theatre Ensemble by coming to meetings every Tuesday at 1 pm in Room A711 or send an email to [email protected]!  Final words to the cast and crew: Thespis would be very proud.

The stage pre-performance of "All This Intimacy" put on by FIT's Theatre Ensemble

The stage pre-performance of “All This Intimacy” put on by FIT’s Theatre Ensemble

Program for "All This Intimacy"

Program for “All This Intimacy”