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Hey everyone! My name is Kailee, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be apart of this blog. I am currently a third semester Interior Designer, that commutes from New Jersey everyday. FIT is only an hour and fifteen minutes away from me, so its really easy getting to school. Even though I don’t actually live in the City I feel like I do, New York City and FIT are my home away from home. It was definitely scary coming from a small suburban town to the huge city. Especially since I only went into the City about once or twice before I got accepted to school. My parents were definitely hesitant about me attending school in Manhattan, because to them the City was filled with bad things and like any parent they just wanted to protect me. But to me the City was a breath taking place that inspired me, so after all my begging they eventually gave in. Being a commuter student it was hard to make friends at first, I felt really alone. I know a lot of students feel this way , and my goal for this blog is to connect you all more with the school and make you feel at home. Something that made me feel more at home was my first week here…

My eyes bigger than ever as I walked out of Penn Station. The lights, sounds , people, all drew me in, for once I finally felt at home. Walking only a few short blocks my mind was racing, will they like me? Will I make friends? The usual first day jitters. “Everything will be ok sweetie, I love you” my mom texted me as I reached for the doors to my future. I made it to my first class , first assignment “The name game”. Everyone looked so timid and out of place, which made me feel a little better. I was assigned two partners Earl and Nicole, I had to remember where they were from, their name , and lastly why they chose interior design. After class I checked my email, being a commuter student you get a locker, but you need a buddy. Not knowing anyone I was very excited that someone needed a buddy too. I replied back , seconds later she replied “ok meet me in front of the c-building lobby I’m sitting at one of the tables”. Not knowing who I was actually going to meet, I basically ran to see the new friendship I could acquire. But wait , there was only one girl and she was sitting with someone else already. I quickly recognized them from my class prior, I continued  to walk over. “Yeah that would be great we’ll go get it now” the girl from the email was saying loud enough. How could you have found someone right after you told me to meet you? I thought to myself.The girl from the emails name was Nicole and the girl standing next to her was Melissa. Nicole told me she and Melissa were going to be locker buddies , I said ok and began walking away. “Hey where are you going? We don’t have class for two more hours.” Melissa yelled to me. “We’ll, I’m not actually sure … I haven’t made any friends yet to hang out with “ I said. “Neither have we, so hangout with us “ Melissa said. Wow I thought first I get replaced by her and now she wants to be friends ? Weird but hey what do I have to do anyway I told myself. So for the next three hours we talked , we told each other our whole life’s story. The next day we met up again, this time by the cafeteria. Music was playing , everyone dancing , people handing out, free stuff. For the next week we did everything and anything the school offered us on our breaks, the sand art, making stuffed animals, photo booths, and so much more but most importantly we did it together. I made two friends that to this day are the best friends I could ask for. That one person reaching out to me changed my entire college career. I look forward to the first week of school now ,for all the fun and most importantly for more time to create memories with my wonderful friends.

                                                           Our first week at school

What was your first week like? Are you a commuter student? Do you live on Campus?


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