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Dealing with Snow in the Big Apple:

We all dream of a white Christmas, however, snow in the Big Apple makes life a little crazier. Just a few inches of snow brings out the snow boots and over-sized coats. Here are a few tips to get through the winter while at school:

■ Dress in Layers: Let’s be honest, layers rule during the winter. Loose fitting clothing trap the body’s natural warmth, and do it best with an insulating inner layer and an outer layer resistant to wind and water. The less body area exposed, the warmer you’ll be.

■ Monitor Your Health: Stay well hydrated and well nourished, and wash your hands often. Prevent serious infections by getting an annual flu shot. Keep your skin glowing by staying moisturized.

■ Prepare Your Room: When it’s cold out, the dorms stay warm. A/C is switched to warmer air, and depending on how your room is set up some parts of your room may be a different temperature. Keep throw blankets and comforters on hand!

■ Stay ahead of classes: With unpredictable weather, sometimes the snow gets the best of the city. Snow days are inevitable, so stay on top of your class work just in the worst case scenario things get moved up/back that are unexpected!

FIT is Alert

One of the many services that I find useful from FIT is our Emergency Messaging System called FIT Alert (which you are enrolled automatically into). This system sends out emergency communications to students about weather conditions (excellent because it might save you the commute) public health emergencies, floods, fires and violence on campus. You will receive these alerts via email but you can also opt to receive them in the forms of text messages and/or phone calls.

Useful Phone Numbers

This initiative is part of the college’s Emergency Preparedness plan to make sure we are all safe and secure as a community and on-campus during emergencies (like the annoying fire drills, yep they ARE necessary). If you log into MyFIT you will see a tab at the top (the fourth one from left to right) in which you will be able to review and confirm your information. MYFIT website alertFIT Alert is updated weekly and once you graduate you will be automatically removed (so don’t worry about sending it to your junk mail once you’re gone).

Carpe Diem,


PS: As for me I keep getting storm update alerts but honestly I don’t care because here at Rome, la vita e bella! A post is soon to come about my first week here. Ciao, a presto!