Commuting Tips

Hi everyone!

As a commuter student for the past 3 years, I’ve found ways to make the trip as efficient as possible! While I do miss walking across the street to class (FIT’s freshman dorms are as close as you can get), having my own place has been great. Here are some tips for making the best of your commute.

Rent a locker

Especially when you have loads of supplies for pattern making classes or whatever else you might need, having a locker is really great. Bring a padlock to your department’s secretary and fill out the form, $10 for one semester and $20 for both! I loved having a locker sophomore year, when I had loads of supplies I didn’t want to take back and forth or forget.

Podcasts and Audio Books

I’ve always been a big fan of podcasts, and they are a great way to entertain yourself on a long train ride. Find ones on topics you’re covering in class, or use them to stay up to date on the news and world events before class. Similarly, you can get audiobook versions of most books out today. While you might not be able to listen to your textbooks, readings for your liberal arts classes might be available.

Write essays on your phone

My number 1 tip – typing up work on your phone. Sounds silly, but sometimes for short answer questions on Blackboard or similar short form writing answers it is an easy way to use that time spent on the subway or train. I usually email myself any prompts I need to write, and reply to the email on my phone with my answer. Sometimes I’ll write essays at the laundromat this way. After finishing the rough draft on my phone, I email it to myself to proof read and post on my computer.

Check the night train schedules

FIT offers night classes, some which end at 9:20 or as late as 10:20pm. The MTA sometimes does night work, which means your train access might be limited! Days I have night classes I try to do a quick scan to see if my train might be out of service when I get out of class, or when the last train will depart. This way I can figure out how I’m getting home!

Commuting hasn’t always been fun (especially after a long day) but the benefits for me have outweighed the time spent on the train.

What do you do during your commute? Leave comment below!