Reducing Your Waste

Hi everyone,

Inspired by the recent climate marches around the world? Here are some ways you can start to make a change! Little acts add up.

Buffalo Exchange on 26th between 7th and 6th & Crossroads.

Going to fashion school, your tastes might change a bit faster than you would expect! Instead of shopping brand new (and paying up) try selling your clothes at places like Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads. They have an option to get store credit in exchange for your items, so you can pick out new pieces while recycling your old ones into a more circular system.

Grocery bags

Plastic or paper, the best is reusable! I swear by my reusable shopping bags, mostly because I like being able to carry them on my shoulder. However if I do end up needing paper or plastic, I try to make sure they get a second life – paper bags make great receptacles for your recycling, and plastic bags make great mini trash bags.

Bring your Tupperware to restaurants

Sounds like overkill but you can help reduce food waste and carry out cartons. Part of being a college student is pinching your pennies, and tonight’s leftovers can be tomorrows lunch! Brining your own containers can come in handy.

Mend it!

Clothes ripped? Bored of your plain tees? You’re in the right place! So many FIT students are talented at sewing and DIYs- see if a friend who can sew will help fix (in exchange for a help with something they need, or pay them in food!). Learning to mend your own stuff is easier than ever with YouTube as well. Learn a new skill and save a garment from the waste stream.

Bring your coffee from home

Starbucks is great every once and a while but the waste does add up – both environmentally and monetarily. Try making coffee at home- I love cold brew and find making it at home tastes just as good as bought. I have cut out spending on take out coffee, and that’s a lot of plastic gone with that transition! You can also bring a reusable cup at most coffee shops.

Don’t beat yourself up

While making an effort to be more green is fantastic, there is always pressure to do everything perfect. Even small choices like taking the subway instead of Uber helps. The important thing is to do what you can with what you have. Reuse what you can, reduce what you can, but enjoy life without the guilt of being perfectly eco!

Sustainability and Ethics Minor

Want to learn even more about protecting the plant? Consider working towards a minor in it at FIT. I took “Psychology for Sustainability” and thought it was a great way to learn more about the mindset behind making conscious choices. Other interesting classes are natural dyeing and sustainable packaging design.  Learn more by clicking here.

What are your favorite eco-friendly swaps? Let me know!