Must Have Apps for Study Abroad in Hong Kong

Studying abroad in Hong Kong?  Here are some of my must-have apps!  Some you might already use at home, but a few might surprise you.  Even if you aren’t headed off to Hong Kong, they might be applicable where you want to study as well, or for travel in general.

Open Rice
This app is like Yelp but for food options in Hong Kong! They usually have menu photos, which are ideal for checking pricing and options. It generally categorizes by price and cuisine, allowing you to choose what is best for you.

Google Maps
My personal favorite app, anywhere in the world. Google Maps thankfully has all of the MTR (public transit) information stored, so it gives you a pretty easy navigation plan for wherever you might want to go!

Google Translate
This is very helpful, even if you just want to translate ads on the train! The scan and highlight feature allows you to take a photo, and Google Translate will pick out the characters. This is great considering you don’t have to type in Chinese to translate any photo or sign! Also comes in handy if you ever find yourself having a hard time asking for something, etc.

Facebook Messenger
Personally, I haven’t ever felt the need to use Facebook Messenger, but as soon as I got here I learned how much of a must have it is! Since people are coming from all over the world and many are changing SIM cards and using different communication apps, FB Messenger makes it easy to get in contact with others. Also it is great for group chats as it shows everyone’s info without them needing to be in your contacts.

Similar to Messenger, WhatsApp allows easy communication. I like it because it allows me to text with my dad and brother who do not have iMessage. It’s great for group texts where not everyone has the same phone brand, and because it sends messages over wifi instead of SMS so fees do not apply.  You can also call over wifi, which saves a lot of money compared to international calling!

If you want to book any experiences in and around Hong Kong, check on Klook first! I saved $10 on my Disney tickets (read about my experience here) and got a free meal at Ocean Park (read about that park here). Some discounts aren’t much, but others have serious savings!

While Uber is technically illegal in Hong Kong due to the fact that is unregulated, the app comes in handy if you are out late past when the MTR (public transit) is out of service. Also, taking an Uber from the airport to the dorms after arriving in Hong Kong was probably one of the nicest $20 I’ve spent on myself.

Have any other suggestions for useful apps?  I’d love to hear them below!



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