Study Abroad – Hong Kong Disneyland!

Hi everyone!

This week is the last week of classes at PolyU for the spring semester!  After 13 weeks of regular classes, we get a week off for Easter break and then exams start.  As everything winds to a close, we’ve been trying to squeeze out every bit of fun we can.

One exciting feature Hong Kong has is its own Disneyland.  While it is significantly smaller than its American siblings, the park is of course beautiful and easy to access via the MTR.  It also costs less than other Disney experiences!  We went on a Wednesday and the ride lines were quick.

Outside of “It’s a Small World” ride

Some standbys, like “It’s a Small World” were familiar, but others had a twist!  It is actually illegal to depict ghosts and spirits in China, so the haunted mansion goes by “Mystic Manor.”  I was surprised by how well timed and designed the ride was!

Mystic Manor

Overall, we had loads of fun and it was a cute and nostalgic reminder of home. Main Street USA was adorable, and it was fun to see the Hong Kong details throughout the park.

My FIT friend Stacey enjoying the Tea Cups ride!

All in all, I would recommend HK Disneyland, especially if you want an easy park to enjoy for a day!