Study Abroad – Hong Kong’s Ocean Park

Hi everyone!

It’s break week here at PolyU- well, revision week.  This is the time to finish all the papers, projects and studying after classes end and before exams begin.  To take full advantage of everything Hong Kong has to offer, this week I took a trip to Ocean Park!  Known for its conservation and marine work, Ocean Park is both an amusement park and a zoo/aquarium.  Since land is scare in Hong Kong, it actually rests partly on top of a hill and around it, so the park is pretty spread out.  You have to take a cable car or tram to get to the rides!

View from the cable car ride- a cloudy morning!

Once at the top there are loads of rides and coasters.  My favorite was the “Hair Raiser.”

One special feature is the two pandas the park has!  It was so cool getting to see them.

A giant panda lounging in his tree fort

After riding all the rides and checking out the panda and goldfish exhibits, we went to the aquarium in the park.  It was surprisingly big!

A round fish tank at the end of the aquarium

Overall I surprised how much there was to do at Ocean Park.  We went on a sweltering day (according to the weather app, felt like 89°) with the sun shining, so lines were pretty short.  I would definitely recommend sunscreen and walking shoes.

So that was my Ocean Park experience!  Hong Kong has so many cool adventures you can easily go on after a quick bus or train ride.  I’m always impressed by how much you can do just by riding the MTR (Hong Kong’s public transit system)