Notes From the 6 Train: LNAP Time Again!

It’s LNAP time again. LNAP, Late Night Against Procrastination, is when the writing studio stays open until midnight. The tutors stay in order to make themselves available to students who need extra help during midterms and may not be able to come to the writing center due to other obligations such as work or school.

Don't be like this person.
Don’t be like this person.

There’s food, snacks and drinks in order to keep your energy high while grinding out the final few pages of your paper or job application.

You don’t have to set up an appointment, you can simply walk in anytime between 9:00- 11:45. If you still unable to make this time but still need help, you can always do online tutoring, or make a traditional appointment via the website, walking in or calling the center.

Learn more about the writing center here at their blog:

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