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So I know I have spoken about SALT before in pasts posts, but vaguely. Recently I was put into a position where it was very difficult for me to pay for school. So I went to the financial aid office and asked what I could do to make next semesters payment attainable. They were so helpful and gave me many options but one that really stood out to me was this website called This website offers you a wide variety of options such as applying for scholarship’s, internships, how to write essays to receive a scholarship and so much more. After filling out the questionnaire I was paired up with over 112 scholarship opportunities for myself and my major. So far I have applied to over 15 in just one night. Some of the different scholarships require you to write a short essay, while others don’t require you to write one at all. It does take time and effort to apply for the different awards but who knows if you will end up being the next award recipient. Most awards take a few months after the deadline to confirm if you have won any money but it can always go to your next semester.

After I actually applied myself I highly suggest you taking a moment out of your day to try it. You do not have to be in college they accept high school students too, anyone that is willing to go through the applications is able to apply. A lot of deadlines are coming up soon so make sure you go check it out!

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7 thoughts on “SALT money

  1. Emily Victorson

    Thanks for the great tip Kailee! I’m in the deep process of getting my applications done now, so this is a big help. These blogs are going to be very comforting to read I think! I’m glad I have them to check in on!

    1. Kailee Post author

      Thanks for reading Emily!
      Be sure to contact FIT’s finical services for extra help if you decide to attend FIT. I really didn’t know much about all the help I could get when I started college, you never want to have debt.

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