Strengths and Weakness’

As the spring semester approaches we need to prepare ourselves to be mentally strong. We all have our break down moments durning the semester, but if we keep these few things in mind we will have a very calm semester!

1. Keep control. Don’t give away your power, your strong, intelligent, and most importantly unstoppable!

2.Embrace Change. Welcome new changes, it may be new friends or a new way your teacher suggests to do your project. Embrace it, it may change you for the better. Be willing to take calculated risks.

3.Stay happy. Don’t complain. Don’t waste your energy on things you cant control.

4.Be kind. Fair, and unafraid to speak up. Don’t worry about pleasing other people.

5.Be willing to fail. Don’t give up after failing. See failure as a chance to improve. Don’t resent others success, celebrate with them.

6.Expand your mental energy wisely. Don’t spend time on unproductive thoughts.

7.Reflect on their progress everyday. They take time to consider what they have achieved and where they are going.

8.Enjoy your time alone. Sometimes being alone helps us evaluate ourselves and grow. Don’t ever fear being alone.

9.Believe in “staying power”. Don’t ever expect immediate results.

10.Aceept your feelings- without being controlled by them.

Just keep in mind the past doesn’t mean anything now, it can’t control you. This semester is going to be a great one, so keep moving forward!

Xoxo- Kailee