The easy way to pay for next semester

It’s that time of year everyone, money is almost due again! For me this is ALWAYS the most stressful part of school. To be very honest this is the time where I cry, mostly because I’m not sure if I will be able to go back to school  if I don’t get the money. Personally it is very hard for me because for one I can’t get loans, my parents cant cosign for me and I cant get them on my own because I don’t have enough credit built by myself yet. I also don’t get any aid because my parents make a decent amount ( but that doesn’t mean I can afford to pay for school every semester).

So for the past few semesters I literally work myself to the bone to get as much money as I can until the money is due then my parents do the same. But last semester I was really short, so I applied to every loan I could, no one could give me one. Until I went to the credit union, almost every state has them and they are more then willing to give you the money you need. There’s a few things you’ll need

1. direct deposit from you or someone in your family where they can take out only $40 a  month, towards your loan.( varies in each state)

2.  Your ID, Social Security card, ect.

3. A statement printed showing how much you need for school.

4. $50.00 to start a savings account with them.

5. A pay stub , showing how much you make.

Simple things that mostly everyone has, the credit union saved my college career. The day I went in I was crying saying how much I needed the money, they were my last chance at staying in school, how I feel like I work as hard as I can and I cant afford it. The lady just hugged me asked me how much I needed and the next day the check was in my hands on the way to school. When I asked her why it was so easy compared to everywhere else her response was, ” were here to help the people that really deserve it, that we know will pay it back, we don’t actually know but we take a chance on people. You have no idea how happy it makes us to keep peoples lives normal”. I honestly couldn’t be more grateful for them and my parents for helping make my dreams come true!

So when your about to give up just keep pushing through, remember the credit union and remember I did it so you can too. Also if you ever have trouble paying for school you can call FIT directly and they will point you in the right direction for your situation. Your not alone, so many people have this problem, FIT wont leave you behind, we promise!

Keep pushing through – Kailee