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Hey all, I just got done with work for the night and I had the urge to blog! A lot has been going through my mind lately. Final grades, paying for next semester, being bored without school! ( yeah I know I am a nerd ). Also things in my personal life like work, relationships, and I’m TRYING to lead a healthier life. School really does stress me out , and I eat so poorly when I am there. In the past two years I’ve definitely become a victim of the freshman fifteen, and I finally am doing something about it.

 Before the semester ended I joined a gym , while school was still going on I was going about 2-3 times a week and now that its out I go everyday. I cant tell you how much of a difference it has made in me. I’m more confident, I’m not depressed, I have more energy and I just feel amazing. My body has changed so much in just a few weeks, I’m lean and toned again.




My secrets:

At first going to the gym all I did was run or walk on the tread mill which is a GREAT place to start! But if you want to see results that’s not the answer, you need to switch up your routine. Ride the bike machine one day, learn how to use the arm and back machine. What I actually did was take one of the boot camp classes that were free when I first joined! It showed me all this stuff to do with the machines that I would have never known to do before!

Secret #2: Find a gym buddy, or make a great play list on your ipod to listen to while your working out. If your not paying attention to how long or how tired you are , you will keep going and make more progress.

Secret #3: Stick to your routine, figure out if your going to go everyday, every Tuesday, whatever it may be and don’t make up excuses to why you don’t go. Set a specific time too! My problem is I have to push myself to go, but I have a set time and set days that I go and now I feel guilty and not as healthy if I don’t.

Secret #4: Eat clean! eat a lot of fruits , vegetables and lean meats. Try to drink a least two 8oz bottles of water a day, and stay away from the sugary drinks. I know its hard during the holidays, but that’s where most of your extra weight comes from!

Secret #5: Once your back to school , take time and on your breaks use our gym!  Its a great way to help you think clearly and cut down on the stress in between classes! Keep up the great progress even once were back to our busy schedules.

Secret #6: Last one I promise! Look up workouts  and recipes on PINTREST, its a great way to see what others are doing that you wouldn’t think do to other wise.

We’ll see how far I get until school starts again, wish me luck everyone!
xoxo -Kailee

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      I am so happy to hear that! College is a great transitioning period in your life:]
      Thanks so much for reading! Xoxo Kailee

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