Living with an RA

Whenever I mention to someone that I live with an RA (Residential Assistant), they usually respond with, “oohh…cool…” I’m gonna let everyone in on a little secret: the RA rooms (in Kaufman at least) are the biggest. There is a large triple connected to a large dining and kitchen area, a bathroom and a single (for the RA). This is my second semester living with an RA, and it is pretty great. The extra room is really nice and I always thought it was weird to have the kitchen right next to where I sleep when I lived in a traditional double. Also, the RAs can answer any questions you have about housing; it is their job after all! I personally never wanted to be an RA, but living with them let me reap some of the benefits of the job without actually having any of their responsibilities. Obviously, the biggest concern most people have about living with an RA is that they won’t have any fun. First of all, the same rules apply to the RA room as the rest of the building, so you will have to complete roommate agreements, you can have visitors just like anyone else, etc. My advice would be to room with someone you are friendly with. You don’t have to be best friends, but I would suggest living with someone you already know you can get along with, and someone you won’t be to afraid to ask to wash their dishes if need be. The first RA I lived with was a girl I was friendly with in a fashion design class, and two girls who were recommended to me through other friends lived in the triple with me. It was by far the best roommate situation I have experienced thus far. Rooming with anyone is a leap of faith, but the best advice I can give is go for it with people you are friendly with, but maybe not best friends with, or recommendations from people you trust. Don’t be afraid to take the leap with an RA, if nothing else, you will probably have the nicest room in the building.


p.s. If you have any interest in becoming an RA, learn more about the job here