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Dior recommends talking to your Jewelry


Luxury Brand Christian Dior has created a two-part video marketing strategy for its new jewelry collection on mydior.com.  In doing so, they have humanized the jewelry collection by featuring model Raquel Zimmermann in a candid conversation truly opening up across the gamut from fashion, beauty, emotions and dating. She concludes both videos with “My Dior is My Dior. Imagine talking to your jewelry.”

There’s truly an emphasis on the product because she speaks about various experiences, and in in a sense, it’s like her Dior jewelry has become her security blanket.  No matter what, she can count on that to be beautiful and consistent part of her life while Zimmerman proclaims her feelings and flaws.

In this micro-video, she is continuously re-styled with red lipstick and black eyeliner, to nude lip gloss and messy hair, truly exemplifying that Dior Jewelry can be universal in the various occasions or even everyday wear-age.

This is not only a much more engaging opportunity for Dior to get their brand messaging across, it’s an interesting opportunity in regards to their brand positioning and how deep their future approaches will be in terms of brand messaging.

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  1. Commercials reflective of the brand are probably the highest converting ones vs commercials compromising to the brand to entertain the masses. Quite an intriguing idea from Dior.


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