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Wear it Monday Logos

Civility Initiative: Wear It Monday

Every Monday FIT students receive an email with the subject Wear It Monday : and a word (choose a pretty word and fill in the blank). For the past weeks I have been looking into it and it is part of FIT’s civility initiative that is aimed to foster a discussion of different and respectful ways of co-existing in a higher education environment. Back in 2012 a committee was created (including faculty, staff, students and admins) and was put in charge of creating a road map for a civility campaign and events. Our first Civility Week was held on April 2013, and as a way to continuously engage the community for this past Fall 2013 semester “WEAR it Monday!” was a result of this.

In this campaign, Fit emphasizes (more like introduces) a Word of the Week each Monday accompanied by an action so students can use/do it within our community. As part of this initiative, orange wristbands (or the proper name civility initiative bracelets) have been placed around campus (secret locations until you discover the logo and jackpot!) and students who wear it (hence wear it Mondays) receive discounts at participating merchants (well for now, Barnes & Noble and the Dinning Hall). Hopefully in the future they will be able to include more spots. Email Format

For the past weeks we have had:

  • November 4 – Kindness
  • November 11 – Empathy
  • November 18 – Helpful
  • November 24 – Friendly
  • December 2 – Sincere
  • December 9 – Regard
  • December 16 – Thoughtful
  • January 6 – Polite

So when you become a student, remember to use your words wisely.

Carpe Diem,