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Study Abroad: La Vita è Bella

FIT offers many  diverse study abroad opportunities depending on your major and how much time you want to spend abroad. Our three main categories are FIT in Italy (we have a campus in Florence),  Summer/Winter Courses, and Semester Programs. Our school offers a synergy of incredible life experiences and education without boundaries in countries such as France, China, Australia, UK and so many more. The best part (which a lot of people like) is that our programs are not competitive which means we do not have limited spots. As long as you comply with the necessary requirements and can afford it (we do have scholarships for certain programs, hooray!)  you are off to a life-changing journey. Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 4.28.45 PM

Nowadays international experience is very valuable and considered an asset because of increasing globalization. In my field ITM, traveling and speaking a second language could be what makes you stand out from another candidate during an interview. With that in mind, I decided to study abroad for a second time but this time Rome would be my home. I’m now a student at the American University of Rome  for this Spring 2014 semester. During my time here I will try to share with you guys snippets of my experience in Italy (hoping to motivate you) and give you an honest review of this whole adventure.

I’m one week into the program and I can definitely say this has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. My apartment (yes you heard right) is located in one of the hip, historic neighborhoods Trastevere and from what I’ve heard we got the best building (I got a single my rooomroom and didn’t have to pay extra for it). I have five roommates (from different colleges such as UMD and UM) which have been incredibly nice and welcoming (for now haha). Our university is located on the crest of Rome’s highest hill (250 steps and some more, iron thighs coming up) which offers a magnificent view of the city.

stairs to school

My morning walk




 So far, I went to the Colosseum (the first of many), had free yoga & pilates lesson, had authentic pizza & gelato, got lost, joined the She-Wolves Soccer Team, had a cheese & wine tasting, signed up to Groupon Italia and the list goes on.  Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 5.56.55 PMIn regards to my classes, I have loved them (liberal arts which I chose) and they are:

  1. A Moveable Feast: Writing about Food
  2. Comparative Politics
  3. Media, Art and Social Activism
  4. Ethics and Global Policies

This semester hopefully will allow me to grow as a human being and become much more a citizen of the world. Sometimes being away from home can make you nostalgic, but I assure you it is all part of the process. At the end of the day, everything really depends on how you look at it, sure starting over could suck, but it could also give you the freedom to become who you’ve always wanted to be.

Carpe Diem,



So it Begins

Let’s go places

Today is the beginning of an epic trip around the world. Well, really around Europe and also Central America. My journey starts today flying into Panamá City to take part in the International Trade and Marketing Practicum. The class is technically part of the ITM major, but can be taken by anyone. Each year the class goes to a different important trade city, including Vietnam, Shanghai, and Brazil.

After Panamá I will be back in New York for just three days before catching another flight to Italy for a semester abroad. Hopefully I will be able to visit several cities in Italy as well as around Europe during the semester, why not seize the chance while I’m already across the Atlantic, right? Finally, I will be ending my looong adventure by walking el Camino de Santiago de Compostela. That is one of the medieval pilgrimages across the north of Spain. My last stop will be Barcelona before coming back to New York. I am so excited!

It is totally fair to be asking why am I doing all of this. Well, it was actually a sort of mistake. I always planned on studying abroad, and while in Fashion Design I assumed I would be doing a year in Milan for my Bachelor’s. However, when I switched majors I was told that Fabric Styling does not have any study abroad programs. I was devastated but decided that it was more important to be happy for two years than one year abroad. This is the reason I am now about to board a flight to Panamá. Thinking I would be filling my need to travel with winter and summer programs I decided on a textile research project for this class and paid the deposit. A week after paying my non-refundable deposit my department notified my entire major that this was the first time a study abroad program would be offered and that this was really the only semester we could do it. Now I had my chance and I didn’t want to miss out! So, after discussing it with my parents we decided I might as well go for it and pay them back this summer.

Finally after months of forms, stressful meetings, worrying and daydreaming the day to start my best (*fingers crossed*) semester ever! Stay tuned.


Hola Panamá