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Alert! Alert!

When living in New York, it’s important to stay informed and aware when a rare threat is upon the city. Most often, the threat involves Mother Nature herself. FIT provides a wonderful service for all students and employees called FIT Alert. This system sends out emergency messages to employees and students via emails, text messages and/or phone calls.

Such messages include alerts about extreme weather, fire or flood conditions, violence on campus or public health emergencies. Living in the digital age, we are never without our smart phones. This service allows you to stay informed about what’s happening in regards to FIT and NYC during stressful times, whenever and wherever.

Winter time in New York can be a monster! School cancellations due to weather are always texted and emailed to me, so I’m informed immediately. I also know that my parents receive texts or phone messages letting them know as well, so that your family stays in the loop!

It’s simple and easy to review your information in the alert system through MyFIT. You can specify which numbers you want the messages sent to and add more numbers if needed. Parents and spouses can’t enroll in the programs themselves, but can have their numbers added by the student.

Use this resource to keep yourself safe and informed at FIT!



Free is Always Better

Hey everyone, here I have composed a list of websites you should sign up to in order to make your college experience complete. (Yeah, I can see you being like I don’t want any junk mail in my inbox.) All I’ve got to say is give it a try, I’m sure you won’t regret it.


The Center for Communication is all about experiencing the side of business you don’t see as students, including seminars, workshops and on-site visits. Thanks to them I have been to Google HQ, Gilt Groupe HQ and Cohn & Wolfe HQ. (You will learn networking is what WE live off.)

Google name card

Gilt goodies



Daily Candy is for women, urban-explorers who are constantly seeking what’s new out there, from fashion to food. Thanks to them I was able to meet Tory Burch when FNO was still running.

Fashions Night Out with designer Tory Burch– www.insidehook.com

Is the men’s version. (yeah, you must be wondering why I’m signed up haha, but you never know, besides I need creative ideas for my bf’s x-mas gifts) An essential city guide for guys who have limited time, but want to make the most of it.


My personal favorite! The name pretty much says it all. This website offers an array of free music concerts throughout New York City for the tastes of hipsters and fashionistas alike. Thanks to them I saw Cold Play live from about 5 ft. away and won tickets to Moenia.

Coldplay the Band

Me and a friend holding Coldplays cover album Yeah, that close!


I would say if you need an invite to an event be it cultural, fashionable, or themed event this is the way to go. As the name indicates it is your free ride to events, they have built one of the most comprehensive event calendars.

Girls Night out

Makeover night at Guess


Life is just one big adventure, and Zozi makes it affordable for you. They make everyone’s passions accessible, and they help you discover things you never knew you wanted.

Getaway sale of a hotel

Thanksgiving weekend, LOOK OUT!

Remember to CARPE DIEM!