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Pre-College Programs

If you just cannot wait to study at FIT, there are classes available to middle and high school students. The program is called Saturday Live (or Summer Live depending on what time of year it is). One of my friends, who is now at RISD, told me about the classes and I ended up takingĀ  five different courses while I was in high school:

Manual Patternmaking and Sewing

Introduction to Fashion Design Industry

Creative Fabric Painting

Fashion Art for Fashion Designers

Fashion Art Portfolio

The classes would run from 9-12 and then 1-4 after lunch. I lived in Westchester so I did the morning Metronorth commute with all the parents who lived in my town. The classes were good for laying down the basics for the courses I would take when I got to college. They were fun and not very stressful, so we could take risks and not worry about failing. You do get graded in these courses, but the grades do not hold any college credit value and are therefore just meant to help you evaluate yourself.

While you certainly could never replace, say, the college level patternmaking couse with the one I took over the summer, the classes were a fantastic place to meet other fashion-focused kids my age, test the waters of various disciplines and evaluate my base skill levels.

I realized that I was set on going into fashion design in college, so I took classes specifically to improve my portfolio. Taking these classes certainly does not guarantee you will get into FIT, but actually working in the classrooms with real teachers from the college helps tremendously. I think it also gives a great sneak peak into what it would actually be like to go to FIT. My Fashion Art Portfolio teacher reviewed my portfolio before I sent it in with my application and then I ended up having her as my Fashion Art & Design professor second semester! She even recognized me on the first day of class. Now, they have even organized the classes into groups so you can see which to take in preparation for certain majors.


Sign that says National Portfolio Day

National Portfolio Day

Javits Center exteriorThis years NPD was hosted by FIT this past November at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Since I’m a student tour guide it was one of the events I had to work this semester. For those of you who have no idea what NPD stands for (neither did I, remember business major here) it is National Portfolio Day an event specifically for visual artists and designers. It is an opportunity for people (mostly high school students from what I gathered) who want to pursue an education in one of the above mentioned fields to meet with college representatives from schools accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. These representatives are assigned a table and they are waiting to review your artwork, discuss their specific programs and answer any questions aboutĀ  careers in art that you might have. This event is designed mainly to enhance the artistic development of young artists by providing feedback and preparing them for enrollment in their dream college.

welcome team

Our welcoming team, composed by several STGs and Laura Arbogast our Director of Admissions and Strategic Recruitment



Ryan Kase

Ryan Kase our Recruitment Event Manager

Joe and Jenna

Meet Joe Altieri one of our college counselors and mastermind behind this blog.












It was my first time hearing about all of this and honestly it was quite shocking to see so many talented students with such passion about their future. The set hours for the event were from 12pm to 4pm but when we got there to set up at 8am there were people already lining up (now that’s what I call determination). After observing how the event developed I can give you a few tips I gathered up:

  1. Register online, saves times (and honestly scribbling through to fill in the card to get in faster does not look professional).
  2. This year we had over 50 different colleges, so beforehand look at who’s coming and prepare a list of your top 3 (dream schools), top 5 and top 10 colleges.
  3. Even if you get there at 8am or 10am there is going to be a line so don’t rush, everyone is let in at the same time (obviously camping out could have its advantages but I don’t recommend it) and the line flows pretty smoothly (even I was surprised how fast it dissolved we had over a 1,000 people).
  4. While waiting on line, look through the map and familiarize yourself with it. This way you will see where the booths are located and once you get in you can visit each one without wasting time.
  5. Bring snacks and a bottle of water, if it’s at the Javits center the cafeteria is all the way on the other side (this place is HUGE).
  6. Have fun! Take that constructive criticism and transform your work into something more amazing that it even was before. Do not get discouraged, this event was created to help you achieve your dreams.student arriving at npd


We also have our own FIT Portfolio Day that will be held this upcoming Saturday, December 14th for more info and to register online click here. For FIT’s portfolio requirements click here.

PS: We had an officer from the Javits Center congratulate us (no joke) because it had been the best organized NPD to this date and the flow of people was coordinated amazingly (props to me, making sure everyone was in line properly).

Carpe Diem,