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Notes From the 6 Train: Dias De Muertos

This young talented dancer caught my eye during her performance at the event "Noche de Altares", a celebration of Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

This young talented dancer caught my eye during her performance at the event “Noche de Altares”, a celebration of Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Halloween can be tough, as it’s a time people openly disrespect a plethora of groups and communities through completely disrespectful cultural appropriation. I’m not suggesting to stop learning about other cultures, that would be absurd. We live in New York City, that’s kind of the whole point of living in this city! But there are ways to do in a tasteful, respectful and fun way, and in ways that will probably help you learn more about the traditions, culture more than dressing in some ridiculously offensive costume.

With that being said, is Halloween not your thing but you still want to blow of some steam this weekend once midterms conclude?


I am doing art management/ direction for a performance piece on Halloween, so I won’t be doing much socializing. However, I am excited to say that I am celebrating my first Dia de Muertos! Dia de Muertos is a traditional Mexican tradition that takes place on November 1-2, in which families honor their dead by setting up alters, visiting their graves, and celebrating their lives.


There is a Dias de Muertos festival being held this weekend by Mano a Mano, a cultural organization that focuses on Mexican culture. Below is the link to their website to learn more, as well a link to a video by Amanda Sternberg, the Hunger Games actress, where she talks about in depth about cultural appropriation.

What are you doing when midterms release it’s grips on you? Comment below.

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Notes From the 6 Train: What’s New With New Years?

Right before the end of the fall semester I did a presentation about New Years attire. In the process, I learned a lot traditions and just fun facts about New Years. Seeing how today is New Years Eve, I figured it’s obviously the perfect time to share my knowledge.

This year the ball in Times Square will be covered with 2,688 waterford crystals. I have never spent New Years in New York. For all those who are going to see the ball drop even in person or on television, you can share this with your friends and family right before the ball drops and I am sure that they will be supremely impressed with your crystal knowledge. I mean what’s New Years without glitter and colors?

That brings me to my next point, the colors of NYE! Many wear red because it’s associated with good luck. If red is not your first color of choice, there are plenty other options to help begin the new year with positive energy. It’s said wearing different colored underwear signify hopes, goals & aspirations for the upcoming year. Yellows means prosperity, wealth & success. Red is the color of passion, romance & love. White is to promote peace, harmony & happiness. Blue is to obtain good health, wellness & tranquility. Green means life, nature & well-being. Pink means luck in love & harmony. I guess if you want all of these attributes in the upcoming year, you wear multicolored underwear!

New Years is a time for rejuvenation and revaluation. If wearing specially chosen underwear or meditating about the new year help you to be at peace with the past year and be excited about the upcoming one, then do it all!

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Ayanna L.


Notes from the 6 Train: Creating New Traditions

College, for many, is the first time that they may spend the holiday season away from their family. However, this not mean that the feeling of the season should simply disseapper! This is the perfect time of year to create new, exciting traditions tailored to your interests. For students who may not be able to travel home, ( like international students, or working students who can’t miss work, etc.), it’s the perfect time to start the holiday tradition you may have always wanted as a kid, but never had! Like a pink tree or eating pizza for holiday dinner.

For me, it was to create a safe space for my friends and I during the holiday season. Having lots of family around can be joyful, but being under the scrunity of prying family members can also be stressful. This is especially true for young queers. My solution was to create a safe haven, if only for a few hours. This was the original idea behind the annual “Queer- Friendly, Ugly Christmas Sweater Potluck.” A place for us all to congregate to eat, drink and be merry, with no uncomfortable table talk about relationships or other topics many students don’t want to discuss during the holiday season (grades, plans after graduation, etc.). This year will be our fourth potluck and every year it grows. It’s become a tradition that I’m asked about every year, and grows annually. It’s amazing to see that this event has picked up a life of its own and is apart of my holiday traditions.

Remember, family comes in many forms. For some, immediate family is really important, and others find family within their friend group. The holidays are what you make them.

All things Color, Love & Fashion,

Ayanna L.