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All About Oktoberfest!

Hey Friends,

It’s officially my favorite time of year, FALL! It’s the perfect time to take advantage of those last couple outside events before winter freezes us indoors. Speaking of events, if you don’t have plans on October 4th-7th head down to Oktoberfest. It’s a German themed beer and food festival. Its located at 78 South St, New York, NY 10038. The festival is on one of the piers overlooking the Brooklyn bridge and east river. For F.I.T students coming from the dorms, you can take either the 2 or 3 train downtown to Fulton st. For all the commuters you can take any uptown or downtown A,C,J,Z,4, or 5 train to Fulton st. Don’t forget to RSVP for your free general admission ticket online because the lines do fill up and people will be their early. Also they have great online package deals for anyone looking to save some money on food and drinks. It’s a perfect setting for a night out with the girls or possibly a date. For all the competitive folks out there feel free to participate in the stein holding contests. Essentially it’s a contest to see who can hold a big glass mug full of beer the longest. Don’t forget to pick up a giant pretzel for your train ride home. Have fun and stay safe!


Check out their link here for any more information you want on Oktoberfest.


Jacquelyn Ortiz

See You Next Semester!

Hi There,

I am so excited to say I have officially finished my freshman year at F.I.T! This year has been a roller coaster of excitement, happiness, and a little bit of stress. I have definitely learned and enjoyed a lot of things during this year and I wanted to share some with you.  

3 Things I learned:

  • Give yourself enough time to take the train just incase there is a delay.
  • Make friends to do homework/study with. (I know this may be seem insignificant, but my friend Tiyahna and I helped each other out a lot. When it came to making study sheets and finishing difficult homework we always worked together)
  • Make good connections with your professors, this always helps when needing extra time for an assignment.

3 Things I enjoyed:

  • The Annual Drag Pageant was such a fun event, and I got to meet my favorite drag queen Alyssa Edwards.
  • Working in the admissions office. I remember just last year I was calling the admissions office as a prospective students, and now a year later i’m answering those same questions I had but as a student/employee.  
  • Seeing other students work. It constantly surprises me everyday when I see new students work on display, because i’m so thrilled to be going to a school with such talented people.  

I have really enjoyed my first year and can’t wait to come back for the fall semester. I hope you enjoy your summer and get to experience new things but until next time… Jacob, signing off!

Production Management 101

Hi There,

As you guys may know I’m a Production Management major. I really want to dedicate a post to talking about my major because I feel like it an underdog at F.I.T. So I wanna tell you 3 things you need to know about Production Management.

  1. Production Management has an almost 100% job placement after you receive your degree.
    1. Almost everything we were or use in our daily lives had to be manufactured with the assistance of a Production Manager. So the industry is constantly looking to hire new Production Managers. Also their are so many different jobs you can do as a Production Manager that with this degree you can work in any part along the production process.   
  2. It’s more creative than you think.
    1. From a written description Production Management seems to be very technical or all about numbers. Now that is a big part of it but to be a good Production Manager you do have to be creative in some ways. For example you might receive a design from a designer and to create that garment exactly in their image it would be impossible. It might be too expensive or the fabric might not be the best, so you have to be creative and find a way to alter that design so it will be stylish, mass producible, and profitable.
  3. It’s one of the most versatile majors at F.I.T
    1. In the Production Management major you learn how to specifically produce garments. But the core principles of production are relatively the same across almost any industry. For example: whether you’re creating a dress or a soccer ball, you still need to know where to source the material, create a tech pack for the manufacture, and ship it to the retailer. So if you go out in the fashion industry and find you don’t enjoy producing garment you can take your Production Management knowledge and produce another product that you enjoy.  

So when you’re thinking about a major don’t forget to consider Production Management. Trust me you won’t regret it. 

Jacob, signing off!

My Very First Blog Post!

Hi There,

My name Is Jacob Luis  Ortiz, and I’m excited to be one of the new members of the admissions blog team! To tell you a little about myself i’m a Production Management major, I’m a freshman in my second semester, and i’m so excited to be a student at FIT.

I would like to mention how much I love my major, it’s one of the smallest majors on campus but definitely the most useful. For those who don’t know about Production Management, don’t worry I will be doing a post on Production Management 101 shortly. As I was saying I think production is a very useful major and it has an almost 100% job placement rate after graduation.

Besides my major, the FIT campus is another thing I enjoy. There’s constantly events and workshops happening on campus to keep you busy. Like the 11th annual drag pageant last month, it was epic go next year to see for yourself! Not to mention the wide range of clubs that are open to all students.

I think one of the most rewarding experiences I have had on campus is meeting so many great people. FIT has an intimate campus that allows for you to see lots of familiar faces on campus. I really love my school and am proud to share it with you!
Jacob, signing off!