Tokyo Trip

Hi everyone! Last month after wrapping up exams me and my friends from FIT studying abroad as well took a fantastic trip to Tokyo. It was so much fun! Here are the highlights and recommendations.

Maid Cafe

My personal favorite! As far as I know, Japan is the only place in the world where you can have this experience. The maid cafe we ended up at was super cute, and they even gave us cat ears to wear while we dined! We got a Polaroid with the maid that took care of us- she was super sweet and did her best to communicate with us.

Takeshita Street

Harajuku’s main shopping thoroughfare, this street in lined with tons of shops bursting with color, patterns and fun. Make sure to get a crepe if you go!!

Puri Kura

While you’re on Takeshita Street, pop into a photo booth to take some pics! For about $4USD you can take, edit and print super kawaii pictures. This was our favorite activity in Tokyo, and we may or may not have gone over 5 times.

Itoya Stationary Store

Floor after floor of stationary supplies! If you like school supplies, planners or anything crafty, you will have a field day in this store!

Tower Records in Shibuya

Love music? This is the place for you! Each floor has a different genre, from all around the world. Look for the headphone stations, where you can sample music from selected CDs. Their store merch is really cool too.

Check out a Baseball Game!

We got standing tickets to see the Tokyo Giants play the Hanshin Tigers, which was a blast! Japanese baseball fans go hard when it comes to dressing up and cheering for their teams. It was a Wednesday night but the stands were packed.

Vintage Shop in Koenji

I’ve never seen so many cool little vintage shops in one area before! Just keep walking and you’ll keep finding spots to shop. The vibe is very really laid back and it has a very neighborhood feel.

There was so much to do in Tokyo and over our 9 days there we did quite a bit, but these are truly my favorite things we got to experience.  I look forwards to going back someday, hopefully soon!