Summer Goals!

Hi everyone!

Special summer post here. This break I’ll be interning here in NYC, and I hope to get lots of experience but also have lots of fun! I have 3 goals I’ve set so as to get the most of my next 3 months.

1. Go to Meetings!

As an intern you may or may not get invited along to meetings. Personally throughout my intern experience I haven’t gotten to attend many, so this summer I want to go to as many as possible to start seeing how they run and how they function. In order to achieve this, I’ve asked my boss to bring me along and this week alone I’ve been to four! It never hurts to ask, especially for something relatively small.

2. Make a social plan every weekend!

It’s easy to get home from work Friday night and just hibernate and do chores and errands all weekend, especially since going out with friends usually means a long haul on the train. But I want to fully enjoy this summer, which means going out and enjoying my friends and the freedom of summer. Also, I’ve been enjoying hosting my friends! Last weekend I had fellow blogger Henry over for dinner and banana bread muffin baking. It was loads of fun!

3. Stay learning

While a break from school is great, I really want to take advantage of the time to study more Japanese. Getting to use the bit I know when traveling to Japan last month was amazing, and I want to know more! I’ve been using Memrise, and really enjoy the app. I paid for the premium version and study offline on the train to and from work.

I think these 3 goals are a good focus for my summer, aside from interning and getting a break from college. Setting up plans and sticking to them is a rewarding feeling as well!

Do you have any summer goals?

Til next time,