Best of Hong Kong as an Exchange Student!

Hi everyone!

Over the past four and a half months, my friends and I have experienced a lot of great things in Hong Kong. Here are my top suggestions for you if you go abroad in Hong Kong!

Mr Wong’s – $10USD per person

All the beer (and sometimes wine!) you can drink as well as shared plates of Chinese food. Most go with a group to pregame for the horse races (more about those below) or on a weekend before hitting LKF (the main nightlife area). Personally I enjoy just getting to know people better, as it is a fun place to go out and socialize!

The Horse Races – free, with a free beer

Register in advance for the horse races (which run every Wednesday night) using the link for internationals and get free admission and coupon for free beer. Unsurprisingly it’s a big hit with the international crowd and lots of people go every Wednesday. When I went my friends and I placed a few $20HKD bets ($3USD) but it’s also fun to see whose chosen horse wins the race!

Hiking – just pay transit!

One big perk of Hong Kong is the ability to take a hike whenever you want! My favorite was Dragons Back. Once you get there it is free to soak up some fresh air.

Ladies Market – shopping street

Love to bargain? Want a knock off? Need funny souvenirs? Hong Kong has tons of markets but the best in my opinion is Ladies Market in Mong Kok. From fake Supreme shirts to paintings, you have to go and see what you’ll find! Don’t forget to haggle when it comes to pricing.

Flower Market – shopping and browsing

My personal favorite, especially at the beginning of the semester because I was able to pick up several plants for $20HKD ($3) which definitely helped the dorms feel like home. Go right before Chinese New Year to see the sea of luck plants and displays.

Beaches – just pay transit

Hong Kong has tons of beautiful beaches, many of which are easily accessible by public transit, and some which are more of an adventure to reach!  I would recommend Stanley Beach, as it is the easiest to reach and has the best amenities.  However it is fun to explore the options, especially when the weather starts to really heat up!

Those are just a few of the cheap and free things to do in Hong Kong.  If you play your cards right, you can have a fantastic study abroad at a pretty low cost!  I’ll miss the easy access to nature Hong Kong has when I leave.  There is truly so much to do!



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