Things I Miss from NYC

Now that I am halfway through my time in Hong Kong, I’ve definitely noticed some things I miss! While there is so much to do and see here, nothing will ever replace NYC. Besides the obvious- NYC is my home- here are the small things I have missed the most.

Proximity to Family
This is a big one- NYC is only a 3hr bus ride away from my home town. Hong Kong on the other hand is a 20 hour flight! I miss spending a weekend home with family whenever I need some support.

Trader Joe’s
Silly, but I miss the prepared foods and how easy it is to grocery shop there- here I grab this and that from several places and hope it’ll do! Cheese is really expensive here, and I miss TJ’s great selection.

Mexican Food
I make a lot of tacos, burrito bowls and quesadillas back home and enjoy how easy it is- however the ingredients for that here are heard to come by. I look forwards to eating chipotle when I get back too!

24/7 MTA
The train system here, the MTR, runs up until 12am. Not ideal if you are out a bit late, and have to find an alternative way of getting home!

Being in EST Time Zone
So many things are based around EST, including communication with my family and friends! I watched the Super Bowl at 7am on a Monday morning, and have to calculate the time difference whenever I have job interviews or want to call home. Being 12 hours ahead of everyone is fun in concept but pretty inconvenient.

Cooking in My Own Kitchen
There are shared kitchens on every dorm floor, but nothing beats having all your pots and pans with no random messes! Cooking is possible here but I miss the convenience and ease of my own kitchen.

There are a lot of things I will miss from Hong Kong when I leave, but being reunited with family and friends and the other NYC conveniences will be pretty sweet.

What do you think you would miss most if you studied abroad?

Til next week,