Production Management Semester 3 Review

By semester 3, you are officially in your second year at FIT and in the last half of the AAS program. How wild is that!

MG 114 – Principles of Product Construction

Before coming to FIT, I had made several garments and was somewhat familiar with the concepts of construction. This is a concern for a lot of prospective students – are they expected to have certain skill and know certain things before coming to FIT? The answer is no. The fact that I was familiar with pattern-making only made the class easier, but the professors teach classes from the ground up, covering all the basics. This class teaches students how to make a pattern for a bodice and a skirt from scratch. It is a tough project, but is incredibly rewarding when you finally get the measurements and fabric to work and lay on the mannequin just right. Pattern-making and draping are very complex aspects of design and is very important to be accurate with, and I am so grateful that we took a class to cover this topic. You don’t go as in depth as other students would such as fashion design majors, but the point is to build an understanding of what is put into constructing a garment, and that you learn for sure.

My muslin patterns laid flat
My muslin patterns pinned onto the mannequin

MG 234 – Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is a very complex, interlinked, ever-changing environment. There are many aspects and teams that come into play, all while also monitoring outside factors. Logistics is a huge discussion topic in this class, along with effects of natural environmental influences. Government regulation is also discussed as the supply chain in our industry is unquestionably an international one.

CG 212 – Introduction to 3D Computer Modeling

This class was an introduction to something completely new for me. I had never seen software related to 3D modeling or really thought much about creating 3D projects before. The world of 3D modeling is huge, and I mean HUGE. As a production student, you only learn the foundational concepts and techniques in order to create models, because if you were to learn in depth, it would take several years to even become a semi-pro. That said, you can make some incredible projects in this class. We learned how to create and edit shapes in various ways, along with how to make videos. The final projects for the class was the highlight because students were allowed to make anything they wanted with the skills they’d learned. I made a video of a sailboat sailing through a lake in the mountains, and some of my friends made some really impressive shops and product ads.

Hyunah Park’s 3D final project. @hyunah_world_ (instagram)
Samantha Burgin’s 3D final project @samanthaaburgin (instagram)