My First Semester in Upper Division

This week marks the end of my first semester of my Bachelors program at FIT!  I attended FIT for the past two years for my associates degree as well- our school is structured as a “two plus two” system.  This means that you earn an Associates degree, and then reapply for your Bachelors program.
This program set up gives students the ability to transfer to another major (provided they have the required courses to do so) for their Bachelors or continue on to complete a Bachelors in their original program.  I decided to stay in Production Management, as I find it is what I am looking to do after graduation still.  However, many students have started in Production Management, for example, to transfer to Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing, International Trade and Marketing, or Entrepreneurship.  Students at FIT are able to build an education that suits the career they one day hope to have.
So what’s different between the Associates program and the Bachelors?  Here are a few things I noticed after being in upper division.
New Classmates
My program gained new students from majors inside FIT, and out!  While a few of my friends left for other programs, it was great to receive new classmates whom I can study with and learn from.  FIT students are passionate about what they do, and everyone has worked hard together.
More In-Depth Classes
In my Associates degree, I felt as though there were many classes that were foundational classes, such as Excel and Patternmaking.  We have really built on said foundation in the classes I took this year, such as an advanced Excel class and an Equipment Analysis class.  The classes are more focused on my major, which for me is great as I find the subjects interesting and a good challenge.
Repeat Professors
This was my favorite part of staying in Production Management!  I was able to take another class of one of my favorite professors, and look forwards to taking others next year as well.  Especially in a smaller program like mine, there are several professors who teach multiple types of classes you are required to take.  It is nice to get to know your professors beyond just one class!
Study Abroad
If you would like to spend a semester abroad, it will likely be in your upper division program!  If this is something you are interested in, it is never too early to start learning about the process.  You can see what locations each major recommends here.
These are just a few of the differences I noticed between lower and upper division at FIT.  Don’t let the 2+2 style scare you!  It’s a great way to customize your education for what you want to do- wether that shifts after your first two years or stays the same.